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May 4 

Worker's comp has approved Dave's surgery!  We should hear from the doctor tomorrow for the day/time of the surgery.

Dreamer had a bath yesterday.  banded his hair up.  Tonight, I oiled his hair and rebanded.  His muzzle hair seemed to have broken off in the last month.  It is only a couple of inches long.  Not sure why this has happened, but hoping that conditioning and banding it back will help it to grow back some length.   

With the rain today, most of the dogs are a MESS!  Floor and beds are getting wet and soggy.  We really need the rain though.  The rain has also made the dandelions grow and go to seed since I mowed yesterday. 

Planning on leaving tomorrow night with surgery on Wednesday, but we will see. 

May 3 

Got my flowers planted today.  Then mowed the lawn.  The grass was so tall by the barn that I killed my good hose!  Will teach me not to roll it up.  I am usually so good about putting it away too.  Dave probably wishes he can get his surgery and heal soon, so that I won't be driving "his" lawn mower.  It had been years since I mowed.  Dave did feed and water dogs while I was mowing. 

Pretty warm today.  We turned the ceiling fans on and have opened a few windows. 

Bella's babies enjoy romping around the kitchen.  They don't seem to terrorize the older dogs like some puppies do, but it is still early.  I am sure they will find out it is fun to jump on others soon enough.  Monique's puppies seem to really like the softened hard food.  They ate with gusto again today.

Just a few weeks of school left.  Looking forward to spending times with the babies and the rest of the gang.  I really want to get the big outdoor play area finished off.  Then they can play safely away from Emma and have space to run. 


May 2 

Typical Saturday.  We went to Lincoln to look at vehicles.  Not finding anything that we can agree on, so the search will continue.  Showing us that a new vehicle is REALLY needed, the gas gauge on the car went out while we were in Lincoln.  We added gas to the car to make sure that it had not all leaked out.  We could see no drips at all.  The gauge went to 1/2 full and remains there, even though the tank was full and not it is not. 

I did get my bedding flowers for my hanging baskets.  Will probably plant them tomorrow unless it is raining.

Monique's babies got their first softened food tonight.  They have had the hard stuff in their expen and I have seen them try nibbling on it.    Bella's babies got this softened food instead of canned tonight.  They seem to like it just as much as the canned.  Wish they would attack the hard stuff the same way! 

Monique's babies are good about peeing on the pee pad, but their poos are still in random places.  Can't believe they will be 8 weeks old this next week! 


May 1 

Leta's retirement home is pending.  She will be with another Biewer that is from Heaven Sent.  Her fur sister is Pumpkin!  They will live in Florida.

The babies are all doing really well.  Bella's babies are getting VERY active.  They are eating soft food, so it seems that all they do is poo!  lol

Dave is still waiting for Workers' Comp to approve his surgery.  It could have been done Wednesday morning, but no..... WC needs to review all of the records and decide if he needs the surgery.  He has been on light duty the last three days since the doctor said nothing over 20 pounds. 

We have been looking for a new to us vehicle.  We want something big enough to carry all of our stuff to dog shows.  My current car is a 2007 that we bought new.  It now has 150,000 miles and is making noises like the shocks or struts or something is needing attention.  We wont trade it in, but will continue to drive it daily and save the newer vehicle for trips.  So far I am liking GMC Acadia and Ford F150 crew cab trucks.  I know they are quite different from each other.  The big factor is the room each offers.  The crew cab has plenty of room when the back seats are pushed up for dog crates.  We would then get a bed cover so that the larger items can be put into the bed of the truck.  I am hoping that this will also give me plenty of room for Bernice and her dog(s) to travel with me too. 

Prayers for Dave as he waits for approval for his surgery and then for a safe surgery and healing. 

April 27 

Left school about 10 am.  Dave's appointment was for 2.  We made it to Salina with plenty of time.  The doctor says he has 2 hernias!  Surgery is Wednesday morning and we should be able to go home that afternoon.  Until then we are in Salina at the kids' home.  Lori and Taylor will take care of the gang in the evenings and Dad will go out to check after puppies in the mornings. 

Dreamer hates his baths, but loves to sleep in bed with us after his baths!  He KNOWS he gets that treat after all of the water, brushing and blow dryer.  Even one day after his bath, he is smelling bad enough that I don't want him in bed with us.  I wish he would not pee on his own back legs!

Pictures are next on my list, as we wait around.

April 26, 2015 

7 baths, 3 hair cuts. toenails on all of those.  Want to do Dreamer yet tonight.  All of the doggie bed covers have ben changed and washed.  All household laundry done. 

Glad to have some energy!  (plus time at home to get things done).  Dave has been taking it easy.  He has a hernia causing him problems.  He will be going to Salina either tomorrow or Tuesday for a doctor to look at it and then hopefully surgery.  So I will probably be spending a day or two in Salina too. 

Pictures taken of Leta, Laika, Darla, Renny, Robby, Sammy, and Monique's little girl.  I hope to get pictures updated tomorrow.  Weighed everyone but Robby and Renny, but can get them weighed easy enough, if I am home. 

Better keep going and get Dreamer done.  Then I think I am ready for my bath too!  lol

April 25 

My voice is still not normal, but at least I woke up with enough energy that I am not thinking of when I can go back to bed.  The last few nights have been early to bed and still exhausted in the mornings.  The other night Dave tried talking to me.  He said he touched my foot and even yelled and I did not move at all.  I asked him why he did not call and ambulance and he said he could tell I was still breathing.

Hoping to get ears trimmed on puppies today.  It is a rainy bleak day, so maybe Dave will want to stay home.  4 weeks until summer vacation and I can finally get things done/caught up around her (hopefully)

Even though only two weeks separated the two litters, Bella's babies are a lot bigger than Monique' babies.  Bella's are getting more vocal and demanding and fun to interact with. 

Looking forward to feeling normal and being able to talk!

April 21 

Received the sad news today that "Beauty" now called Smudge has passed.  She was the first full Biewer that I imported in 2006. (Rishona, was first German dog, but was a splitter).  Beauty came to me VERY small an with a broken tail.  I showed her and Rishona at a show in Oklahoma City (see show win page).  Beauty was not destined to stay with me, as she was so small.  I placed her in a home in Arkansas as a pet.  Later to discover that her new owner did not get her spayed and was trying to rehome her for 3 times what her adoption fee was.  I filled in Arkansas court to get Beauty back.  We settled out of court and I bought Beauty back.  I had her spayed and kept her for just a bit.  She was not the same girl that had left me. She then went to live in a wonderful home in California that understood her terrible past.  In the end Smudge was having difficulty breathing and fluid building up in her lungs. She refused to eat or take her medicine.  My little Beauty and Patty's Smudge is now waiting for all that loved her across the rainbow bridge.    (Beauty is the little girl pictured with the big red bow at the bottom of the first page) 

April 20, 2015 

Alone in the motel room.  SO quiet!  I can't remember the last time I was by myself.  I hope Dave is getting along with the gang at home.  Is it crazy or sad to say I miss the fur gang?  Just a snuggle or nose bump or a beg to be picked up.  (I don't miss the accidents, spilled food, any other clean up duties)

I need to shave and tape ears when I get back home.  The 5 puppies' ears have not been shaved yet.    Before long it will be time to start taking them to the vet for shots.

Don't know what to think about the dog flu that is going around.  Should I give extra vaccinations, even if they know they are not going to prevent it?  Best thing to do is try to keep hands away from the dogs.  We all know this is hard.  Judges at shows are supposed to be letting the owner/handler show teeth because of the flu. 


April 19, 2015 

King and Prada went to their forever homes today!  I am so happy for King, as it has been a long time coming for him.  Prada was a lucky girl to find her home at an early age. 

I so can't wait for summer break.  There is so much to do and I have been exhausted at night.  Leta, Laika, and Darla need photos taken.  I need to schedule the vet to come out here and get everyone caught up on vaccinations.  Took the three month puppies in yesterday. 

Monique's little ones are crawling out of the whelping box, so I took it away and their bed is now just on the floor.  Bella's three are getting soft food twice a day.  They have hard food available all the time. 

Tomorrow morning I head to Topeka with some other teachers and our principal.  We will spend the night and return home on Tuesday after the bullying workshop is over.  Dave will have to hold down the fort while I am gone.

I have lost my voice again.  I need to call in to AKC to see how points are figured.  I think Dreamer should have more points than what is showing up.  Maybe Tuesday my voice will be back and if we get home early then I can hopefully get some answered about points. 

Planning for the next show, but it won't be until this summer.  I would like to take 4 Biewers, but my friend will have to help me.  There is no way I can do it by myself! 

Well, time to put laundry into dryer and do the night mop of the kitchen floor.

April 13 

Don't want to jinx it, but think two HS fur children have found homes!  More after this coming weekend.

Sad news to report is that Tiny has died.  He was only with his new family a week when he took a spill that he did not recover from.  His family is heartbroken, as am I. 

I think only two of the newer babies will be looking for homes.  Bella's boy (cute darker face!) and Monique's tiny girl.  The boy is on the puppy page and I will be putting girl on sometime this week.  Bella's other girls are staying in Marysville.  One with me and one with a teacher that has Maggie son, called Treasure.  Monique's bigger girl will hopefully be my new AKC show dog when she is older.  Of course have to watch for her development before that the ring is her destiny. 

We get to wear jeans this week to school!  It is a huge deal and makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. 

Romeo will be going back to his home tomorrow.  He has been a pretty good boy, other than digging in my potted tomato plants. 

Vet appointment on Thursday for the three older puppies (3 month olds).  Shot time!

Need to keep going.  Hoping to get some pictures and baths done yet tonight.

April 12, 2015 

It is getting kind of quiet around here.
Tiny left last weekend and Trey left Friday.  That leaves just King and the 3 older puppies that are ready to leave.

Romeo has been visiting while his new family take a trip.  I guess he does not like tomatoes, as he dug up the tomatoes that are in pots and I bring in to the living room at night.  Dirt was all over this morning! 

Made a bigger area for Bella and her three babies.  Bella is not as happy to stay with them any longer.  I am hoping that if she has a bit more room and they can exercise more, she will be happier.  She can climb out of the pen, but cannot seem (or want??) to climb back in.  I am afraid the babies would go too long without mama if I am gone. 

I still need to get pictures of Leta, Laika, and Darla, so people can see them. 

Worked on receipts today.  Hoping I am caught up for awhile now. 

Just 6 weeks of school left!  Then I need to get caught up on things around here.  It is never ending and hard to get things all done when I work during the week and have to entertain Dave (go where he wants to go, do what he wants to do) on weekends.  I guess I could tell him no, but with me doing dog things in the evenings, it seems we don't get to be together much.  I know, sounds weird when we are in the same house. 


April 7 

The big news is that Dreamer won BEST in SHOW for the open show on Sunday.  He beat about 20 FSS dogs and 10 Miscellaneous dogs.  He is the first Biewer Terrier to win BIS!  I am honored and tickled at his win!  I will post the win photos when I get them.  I took one on Friday of Dreamer and Baby together, since  Dreamer was BOB and Baby was BOS.  Sunday, the picture was just Dreamer with his huge ribbon and picture frame he won. 

Back to school today!  Math State Assessments this week and then a week off before starting the ACT Aspire tests.

I updated pictures for King, Robby, Prada, and Renny.  I will be getting pictures for Leta, Laika, Darla, and Bella's boy soon.  Trey will be going to his new home on Friday.  He is going to a teacher friend. 

No girls in heat, no girls due anytime.  I will have some big decisions to make with Bella's 2 girls and Monique's 2 girls. One of Monique's girls continues to be small.  Might be a summer empty of puppies again.  Does not seem fair that when I have the time to spend with puppies just having fun, there are no puppies.



Long day!  We were at the show by 8:30 am to help out my friend with Shibas.  The B match that we could participate in was at 8:30 and we left around 10 pm.  Tired, but had things to do before going to sleep.  Things are straightened up and put away. 

Tiny left with his new mom and dad.  They had a long drive back to Colorado.  I got to see BeGe and her mom today too!  None of them could stay so late to watch the B match though. 

Results from puppy match.  Each dog "won" their class.  Tater won overall Biewer puppy and Dreamer won adult Biewer.  Tater won FSS/nonsporting puppies and Dreamer placed 3rd in FSS/nonsporting.  We were told that Dreamer could not go on to Best in show ring, so we packed up to head to hotel. 

Tomorrow the FSS show starts at 1.  We will likely be on the road home by 5. 

The weekend is almost over for us.  Will be glad to get home to see the gang and to get things done before school on Tuesday. 

April 3, 2015 

Day one at the show!  Everyone loved the Biewer Terrier.  We had many inquiries.  One lady told me she was the president of the Yorkshire Terrier club.  Later a friend old me that she also has the leading champion Yorkshire Terrier in the US.  This lady was glad to hear that we have proved that the Biewer Terrier is not a yorkie.  She noted the hair was not like a yorkies and was maybe more the texture of a Maltese. 

I took all three dogs in for their respective classes.  The each got first in their class (sadly they were also the only one in each of their classes). When it was time for breed,  I had help from friends to get everyone back in.  I took Baby, Bernice/Lonita took Dreamer, and Leslie took Tater.  Dreamer took BOB and Baby took BOS.  I took Dreamer in the group ring.  We did not place.  The judge was so nice to newbies.  Had a picture taken with Dreamer and Baby and I think they have good expression.  Hoping they are standing nicely.  It was hard to get both to cooperate at the same time. 

Tomorrow Tiny will leave me.  I may also get to see BeGe.  If BeGe comes before Tiny leaves then the littermates will all be together one last time! 

I am hoping that on Monday, I can get pictures of babies.   

Last night the power went out at the hotel at 11:30.  I was in the middle of trimming feet.  Did not get flat ironing done.  This morning the hotel was dark.  Not even the emergency lights were working.  The show was postponed for three hours because the venue did not have power either.  Lots of damage from hail and wind.  Car windows broken out, poles and trees down.  Parts of Wichita are still without power tonight!  We were so lucky to not have any damage to our vehicle.  Also glad my cell phone has a flashlight function. 

Looking forward to the fun match tomorrow night and meeting up with Heaven Sent families.

March 29 

Leta and Laika are going to go back to their breeders.  They will have the girls spayed and either keep them or find them pet homes.  It will be awhile before they leave though.   

Tiny may be leaving next weekend.  It does not matter how long or short they are here, it really takes adjusting to a baby leaving.  His new family is going to LOVE him.  Personality in a small package. 

Monique's girls are still doing really well.  The tiny girl is not gaining as quickly as her larger sister, but that is normal.  They are both content and active. 

Watson aka Willie is visiting.  He will be neutered Wednesday and then I will meet up with the granddaughter and her other grandparents to get him back to her.  He goes into a crate willingly and sleeps.  They are having a hard time getting him potty trained, but I blame that on no one taking responsibility for him and not watching him close enough.  He is also going to get a haircut while he is here.

Week 2 of testing starts tomorrow!

March 27 

The weekend is here!  We will get to see Dana, Richard, and Jillian, so excited for our time together. 

The babies are all doing great!  We are also dog sitting for a teacher friend.  The dog is bigger than the Biewers but smaller than Emma.  Emma of course does not like the intruder at all! 

So much to do before next Thursday, when we leave for the show!  The dogs are not totally ready.  Baby does not like to stand on the table.  The little girls are not leading very well.  Dreamer acted scared at the vets and at the KC dog show when we went down for the day.  I need to get all of the things for the dogs and myself together. 

I have decided that Leta and Laika are going to be retired.  I will be looking for special retirement homes for them.  They do get along with each other since they are sisters and littermates.  They have been together most of their life.  I did separate them briefly and when they have had puppies they have been separated. They are both sweet girls and love attention.  Their personalities are different.  If you are interested I would be happy to talk to you about these special girls.  They will be spayed before they are rehomed.  There is a chance that Leta is bred, but I do not think it took.   We will be watching her for any signs of puppies. 

Trey seems to have recovered quickly from his neuter this week.  I you know of anyone wanting a nice little dog, he would love to be a lap warmer and have a special person to follow around.

March 23 

Monique had her puppies this morning!  She has two girls.  One is SO tiny, so praying that she is healthy.  This is Kingston's second litter with me.  He seems to throw dark bodies babies. All heads are marked nicely too.  As they mature we will see if they take after him in size.  The two mothers are very different.  Bella is larger and a darker dog herself, while Monique is a lot smaller and is blue instead of black. 

Because of the babies, I was not able to go to school until later in the morning.  I arrived in time for the testing.  This is a big deal, because we had to go through training to be a proctor for the tests.  The principal was ready to step in for me if I did not make it back, because the substitute was not trained. 

Rain has been coming down since last evening.  It is much needed because it is so dry.  It does create more work though.  mud and dogs thinking they cannot go outside to potty mean more mopping and pick up.  Then if they do go out the beds get damp and dirty quicker too. 

Hump day tomorrow!  This week's test should be half done already, with make up tests on Friday.  Of course that will just be the State Assessment Reading/Language Arts.  Several WEEKS to go! 

Heading to bed soon, so need to go tuck the gang in for the night and do last minute pick ups.

March 22 

Bike ride for lunch. 

Took puppies outside for their first official outing.  Chubs fell off the stairs (three, but cement). I was worried about her for a bit, but after a bit of extra loving she was running and playing again. 

Trey goes in tomorrow for his neuter.  Poor boy!  Tiny will not have his buddy around for most of the day.  Trey is not liking the kennel tonight at all.  He has finally settled down, so hopefully we will be able to sleep until Baby wants up.  I will have to be out of the house by 7 since I have to drive to the vet's before going to school. 

Less than two weeks until the show!  Chubs and Prada walked a bit with the lead today, but not really "with me."  It was more like I was being lead around. 

Took pictures of Robby while we were outside.  They should already be on his slide show.  He is rather cute, if I do say so myself!

March 21 

Yesterday the folks, Dave and I took the cabinet to Dereck and Kysha.  We all had lunch, watched a BB game and then came home. 

Walked with Dreamer and Baby. 

Today, Dave and I went to Topeka to the bike show.  It was VERY different than Lincoln's show.  There was no theme for people to stage or decorate their area around the bike.  There was not much for vendors either.  Plus they charge more to get in the door.  I doubt we will ever go back.

Once we got home, I worked with Dreamer and Baby again.  Baby is doing pretty good.  She still wants to lay down when we stop moving.  Then I took Prada and Chubs for their first leash training.  Neither wanted to walk, because they were a bit scared to be outside.  I will keep working with them. 

Puppy watch will begin this next week for Monique.  She is due next weekend.  

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, but of course Monday means Spring Break is over.  State Assessments also start on Monday.  We will have Music and PE in the afternoon instead of the mornings because of the testing schedule.  The school year is on a rapid downward spiral.  Tests, field trip, Tests, theme day, Tests, fun day, Tests and more Tests! 


March 18 

Some laundry, some cleaning.  Still have a way to go. 

I also probably need to go to school and water the young tomato plants that we started from seeds.  I hope they are still living! 

Rearranged expens.  Bella and her babies still in a 3x3 and the younger pups in a 3x6 (when they aren't running loose).  I put together another 3x3 for Monique.  She is due in a bit over a week. 

I need to get pictures taken of all of the puppies.  Darla's boy is just about ready to leave, if his home shows up.  The girls are both staying here for now.  They are quite different from each other.  Bella's boy will be a pet and one of her girls could be a breeder, but not a show dog.  The other girl, I am hoping develops as anticipated.  Her coloring is great.. 

I have paperwork to put in the mail.  So far I have also kept up with tax receipts too.  Hope I can last longer than last year.   

March 17 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Started out with an 8:30 appointment for Spot.  Then we came home and finished packing his things up and trimmed up his feet.  Off to Beatrice to meet up with his new family.  I was early, so stopped at the Dollar Tree and picked up a few things for home and school.  I shopped at TSC with Spot riding around in the basket.  Dog food, dog toys, and even a dog puzzle that you put treats in then they have to open. 

Paula and I talked for awhile, and we probably could have talked even longer.  They had other business in Beatrice though. 

Worked on registrations and other paperwork this afternoon.  Only have gotten one load of laundry done.  Guess what needs to be first tomorrow!? 

Friday, I am going with my parents to see Dereck and Kysha.  The folks gave the kids an old medical office cabinet for a graduation gift from medical school.  It had been in Dad's first office.  It has been sitting in the folk's living room since the kids graduated, two years ago.  We have just never found the time to take it down with them off and the folks home.  Finally will get it where it needs to be.  

So in reality, I have only three more days to get things done around here!  Dave will have things he wants to do over the weekend.    How many weeks until Summer Vaca?  

Less than three weeks until dog show!!!   I/we are no where near ready for that either!

March 16 

Two baths, 11 set of toenails, 9 clips, and one ear/feet clip.  Then I power washed the kennel cement and sealed it with waterproofer.  My back is paying the price tonight, but a lot of satisfaction in getting quite a bit done today.

To the vet early tomorrow and then meet up with Spot's new family at noon. 

Still on To Do List:
water system
work with show dogs