Long day!  We were at the show by 8:30 am to help out my friend with Shibas.  The B match that we could participate in was at 8:30 and we left around 10 pm.  Tired, but had things to do before going to sleep.  Things are straightened up and put away. 

Tiny left with his new mom and dad.  They had a long drive back to Colorado.  I got to see BeGe and her mom today too!  None of them could stay so late to watch the B match though. 

Results from puppy match.  Each dog "won" their class.  Tater won overall Biewer puppy and Dreamer won adult Biewer.  Tater won FSS/nonsporting puppies and Dreamer placed 3rd in FSS/nonsporting.  We were told that Dreamer could not go on to Best in show ring, so we packed up to head to hotel. 

Tomorrow the FSS show starts at 1.  We will likely be on the road home by 5. 

The weekend is almost over for us.  Will be glad to get home to see the gang and to get things done before school on Tuesday. 

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