March 29

Leta and Laika are going to go back to their breeders.  They will have the girls spayed and either keep them or find them pet homes.  It will be awhile before they leave though.   

Tiny may be leaving next weekend.  It does not matter how long or short they are here, it really takes adjusting to a baby leaving.  His new family is going to LOVE him.  Personality in a small package. 

Monique's girls are still doing really well.  The tiny girl is not gaining as quickly as her larger sister, but that is normal.  They are both content and active. 

Watson aka Willie is visiting.  He will be neutered Wednesday and then I will meet up with the granddaughter and her other grandparents to get him back to her.  He goes into a crate willingly and sleeps.  They are having a hard time getting him potty trained, but I blame that on no one taking responsibility for him and not watching him close enough.  He is also going to get a haircut while he is here.

Week 2 of testing starts tomorrow!

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