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November 22, 2017 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

It has been over a year since I have posted on my blog.  I have shared noteworthy and eventful things on FB.   When I started the blog several years ago, I was hoping that people would join in with comments and other items to share with dog (especially Biewer) lovers. 

For those that did not join me on FB the last year + has been eventful. 

My Father in Law died October 2016.  We have only had a couple litters of puppies.  Dave and I now have a grandson that is 1 1/2 years old!

I have imported a male and female from Europe.  I still have to find a knock out Biewer.  I guess my own standards are high.   I am hoping for a litter of puppies in late December, and then my other girls should start getting the age and size that it will be safe to breed them.  

In 2017, I showed Tina, Star, and Justin.  Tina and Star do not like showing, so they are not showing their best when we have been in the ring.  They are being retired from the ring.  Justin is just getting started.  He has lots to learn yet, plus he needs to fill out some. I hope to show him, Ellie, and possibly a puppy from the December litter.    I still have my feelers out for a show stopping puppy.  

Looking forward to showing in Orlando in early December.

Hope this little update has found everyone well and finding time to spend with family and friends.  Enjoy your Holidays! 

March 17, 2016  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Spring Break is almost over. :-(

The  dogs have had their annual beauty day, except for Wolfi still needs a hair cut.  I also need to do a few ear trims and toe nails that were somehow missed.

The vet was out Tuesday to give 10 dogs vaccinations.  Most were puppies or new ones.  The "old" gang will get their vaccinations in June, once school is out.

I have been working on updating the website today, so at least the information is more current.  Dogs have been deleted and added.  I still need to get some new pictures of the new dogs though. 

I have put three new to Heaven Sent dogs on my pages.  Bruno and Kissses come to me from the Ukraine.  Faith flew in from Belarus.  I am hoping these three mature into a nice size to get into the ring this summer and later put into the breeding program. 

I also have two new HS born girls that are being added.  The jury is still out on one of the girls, in hopes that she grows.

Tommy leaves this weekend.  Baby and Monique leave in just about 2 weeks.  Timmy and Wolfi are still looking for forever homes.  I know it will need to be a special home to take Wolfi, since he is an older male that has been intact.  Until that home appears, he is enjoying his time in retirement, but still looking out for girls coming into heat.

Gracie, my toy poodle girl, died last week.  She was 13 years old.  She was a complainer (whined a lot!), but was always there for an ear to bend or help with a puppy.  (Remember, she raised Bella)   Gracie was able to travel to horse shows and trips to Colorado in her early years.  She was a great dog!  She is buried on the little hill overlooking our place.  I know she is watching everything for us.

Emma, the Anatolian, has declining health too.  She is on daily pain killers for her joints.  I asked the vet how do you know when the right time is.  The vet told me that when she no longer gets up, it will be time...  I tear up just thinking of that time.

The house remodel is almost done.  We go this afternoon to sign the new mortgage papers.  What is left is mostly going to be Dave and I doing it.  Paint, reorganizing, and general decorating.   We still have a car port on order and want the retaining wall replaced this summer. 


February 7, 2016 

The gang all got to run and play in the yard (fenced) on Saturday.  The weather was cold, but warmer than it had been.  No snow on the ground, but the dirt was still a bit muddy and of course all of the grass dead.  This has made for a bit of a mess, with hair getting coated with dead grass and paws with mud.  The puppies got to run around outside for the first time.  The LOVED it!   Really need to get Timmy and Tommy into their pet homes.  If you know of anyone that would like an approximately 12 pound (when fully grown) Biewer Terrier boy, please send them my way.  These two would be very inexpensive to the right homes.   I have already sent in for AKC/FSS registrations, but I don't think I am going to get their BTRA registrations, to save a bit and pass that savings on.  Timmy and Tommy are ready anytime now.

Monique goes in for her spay and dental in just over a week.  She will likely be leaving in early March.  She is still with her little girl, because I don't want the baby to be lonely and I don't trust any other dog with the baby when I can't be there 24/7,  The baby looks so tiny, but she is charting to be a bout 5 pounds.  Maybe need to weigh her again to see if that is still the case. 
With the house being remodeled, we have done a bit to the barn.  I think I told you that there is a new propane heater, so no more dangerous electric space heaters.  Also the dog tub has been hooked up and I have hot water!  This makes it so much easier to clean.  I don't have to haul hot water down to the barn any more.  We have also been taking a lot of the dog "stuff" to the barn.  I already have 2 shelves with Rubbermaid type containers.  Today we ordered an enclosed shelve unit.  I will keep the show beds, leads, totes and other carriers in there to protect them a bit more.  We also bought the stair stringers for the steps.  This will allow one more pen if needed.  It will also make it easier for me to check on things in the barn, since I will be able to walk to the barn with the yard light.  We keep hoping to get  a light on the south side of the barn and to get a gutter up on that side. 

So wish the house remodel was done.  We are still living like hoarders with stuff EVERYWHERE and my babies all in the barn!  Miss their company and warm bodies.  Then on days when no construction workers come to work, It kind of ticks me off.  That is a day wasted that could be a day to bring the babies inside the house!


January 29 Kansas Day 

The last week or so has been a mix of weather.  Snow to 50 degrees today.  We are supposed to get a huge storm next week.

Midi, AKA Bronwyn, went to her forever home on Saturday.  We got to visit with and stay over night at Dereck and Kysha's home since we met up with Vicki, Bronwyn's mom in Salina. 

The house is very slowly coming along.  The kitchen just needs the finish work, touch up painting and outlet covers.  The half bath still needs a coat of paint, lights and mirror put in.  The upstairs bathroom needs the walls and trim done, as well as the toilet and vanity put in.  The wooden floors are done in the spare bedroom and hallway.  We get to clean everything out of our bedroom this weekend, so the floor can be started in there.  After the floor is done, then Dave is going to put on the quarter round trim.    I was hoping to be done by the end of February, but even that looks doubtful.  (Wasn't I hoping for Christmas at one time?!)

Faith, Bruno, and  Kisses' DNA coat color tests all came back perfect!  I have sent in Bruno's MARS test.  I was told that I would get discount codes after I sent one in, so being that I am cheap I am waiting to order the other 2 kits. 

Bruno went to the vet yesterday to have baby teeth pulled.  He ended up having 20 teeth extracted.  He had 2 full sets of teeth!  The older puppies go their second shots, so they are ready to leave when their forever homes are found.  I am keeping the girl.  Right now I am calling her Tina, but want to come up with a better name for her.

I have decided not to go to the show in Denver in a couple of weeks.  The weather is such a hazard right now.  Plus was only planning on 2 dogs, so for a one day show it was going to be rather expensive.  Now for some shows to open close to me!!!  I have Fancy, Faith, Kisses, and Tina that I would like to show for girls and Bruno and Dreamer for boys.  Dreamer only needs one point for his Certificate of Merit, but I may have to show him more to help with points.  I cannot show 6 dogs at once, so will have to make some type of plan out for the girls.  It seems best to have 4, 2 boys and 2 girls.  That way the BOB gets 2 points and the BOS gets 1 point. 


January 19, 2015 Tuesday 

Big news today is that the three puppies I have recently gotten have all passed the coat color analysis testing.  No chocolate, so ready for the next tests.... the MARS test to make sure they are purebred Biewer Terriers.  Then they can be registered with BTRA and AKC/FSS.

The kitchen is basically done.  Just a few small things like outlet covers and touch up painting to be done.  The half bath off the kitchen still needs to be painted, 2 lights, and a mirror to be put in.  The tile was put into the regular bath today.  Tomorrow they will grout it.  Then we can get toilet and vanity put in there.  I also need to paint the walls in that bath.  I guess I am slacking!  The wood floors will also be able to be refinished now that the major things are done in the bathroom upstairs. 

After everything is done the real work begins.  Purging of JUNK!  We have a lot to go through.  Both of our children have even more to go through!  I don't mind holding things for them if they want it, but if they are going to toss it out, then let's do it now!

I have a girl leaving Saturday.  Monique will leave sometime in February.  I need to get the two boys their shots, so that they will be ready.  Bruno, my new boy, needs some teeth pulled.  Time to go through health booklets and see which dogs are needing shots.  Baby and Monique will need to be spayed soon too.  So much to get done, now for my memory to remember to call the vet for appointments!

The COLD winter has hit Kansas!  Yesterday my car said -15 on the way to school.  That is without wind chill!  I don't remember what they said that was.  I probably have blocked that from my memory.  I have recess duty tomorrow, so I had better dress warm!

January 14 

This week has flown by.  I need to get serious about finding the boys their forever homes.  They are so playful right now, that just being around them makes me smile. 

Last Friday was a hard day and very draining.  The kids did such a wonderful job planning the service.  I pray that the Lord spares us from this heartache again and that tiny Beckett is safe in his arms waiting to meet his family when we arrive at the pearly gates.

I need to get some vet things scheduled.  Bruno needs teeth pulled already.  Kisses needs her final shots.  The older pups need their booster and Bit needs her fist shot.  I also need to get Monique's spay scheduled, even though she is still nursing I would like to have a date reserved. 

Dana and Richard will be coming up this weekend.  Richard is going to put in our tiled backsplash.  Then the kitchen will be officially DONE!  The bathroom is still in limbo.  tub is in, but onyx surround is not even in yet.  Tile will go in next week, I hope.  Then the hardwood floor will finish it all off!  I keep thinking 2 more weeks, but that does not seem to be anyone else's time frame.

I received my show trolley today.  I ordered it when I was in Florida.  It is a combination Christmas and birthday gift to myself for several years to come.  It will make showing multiple dogs so much easier.  It has a grooming table top and then 4 pens, all on wheels.  I can push it right up to the ring and each dog will be able to have its own compartment to not get bows chewed on while we wait.  It also mean that I don't have to take several crates with me to keep dogs in. 

Friday!  then in-service on Monday.  January is half over already.  I need to decide if I am going to Colorado in February to the dog show. It would just be a quick trip there and back with only one show. 

January 6, 2015 

It has been an eventful week.  I had one of my smaller moms promised to a forever home, but they have decided not to adopt her.  If you know of someone willing to adopt an older (about 5 years) girl that weighs about 5 pounds, please send them my way.  She is a sweet and quiet girl.  She will be spayed before she leaves and should be ready in early to mid February. 

School has been going for a few days now and we all seem to be getting back into our routine!

Sad news... we will be having a burial ceremony for our 18 week gestational age grandson on Friday afternoon.  God has other plans for Beckett Douglas Totten, than to be in our arms.  I know he will be waiting to greet us one day, when our tears will be those of joy.

I will get to have two new fur babies in my arms tomorrow.  Bruno and Bubbles will be arriving in Kansas.  I will post more about them, once I have their DNA testing done. 

Please pray for our family to have strength as we go through this sad time.  It is amazing the love that we have for a little one that we were never to get to meet in this world.  We know that God is taking care of his dear soul and he will never know the hurt and pain of living in the physical world. 

January 1, 2016 

Why cannot technology and I be better buddies?   I took some pictures of the puppies and tried to email them out to interested people.  The emails will not leave my phone!  I was able to text some pictures and a video to Midi's, now called Bronwyn, new mom. 

Still have not gotten everyone groomed.  The contractors seemed to have things that needed to be done.  I painted after they removed trim, because the new trim is narrower.  I stained and varnished the new door jam that is being replaced.  Just generally tried to keep things cleaned up, but quickly finding that with construction going on is impossible!  The kitchen is looking more put together, even without the backsplash.  I have been able to "cook" meals, even though they have been pretty simple fares.   I am really just down to Sunday to get dogs finished before break is over.  Tomorrow Dave has planned to go out of town to get building supplies (I thought we were done getting things!)  We still have the toilet we purchased last week in the back seat of the truck!

The three older puppies went in yesterday for their first shots.  Came home with pain killer for Emma, since she is not doing very well this winter and with a three pack of Revolution to put on the gang. 

I have made a dent in the receipts.  I think I can get it all done by January 15, but I always have a list of things that the accountant still needs.  Some years it is things that we haven't gotten from others yet, such as interest income or even W-2 forms.  Other times there are things that I forgot to make  note of, so I have to find the figures and take them in.

We went to the new Star Wars moving tonight.  The school gave us a pass for 2 that had to be used by January 3.  We actually tried to go last night to the late show, but they did not have the late viewing since it was New Year's Eve. 

I have slowing been trying to empty out the bedroom.  We will need to have the floor done in there before we are done with every thing.   

Want to work on some more receipts before I head to bed tonight..

December 27 

We spent most of the day taking the bathroom apart.  Dave took toilet out.  I helped him with the vanity.  I also took mirror, towel bars, shelf,  tp holder, shower door frame, and anything else screwed into the wall down.  Tomorrow the carpenter and plumber come to get the bathtub and floor out.  Then we will be ready for cement board to go in and then new tub.    We ordered a vanity and top on Saturday and it will be in sometime around January 15. 

We are hoping that the carpenter will put trim up in kitchen while he waits for the plumber to get things done. 

Busy day for my first official day off without Holiday activities or Dave wanting to do things.  My break list includes: Grooming dogs, getting puppies shots, work on tax receipts, boxing up the things Dana went through when she was here for Christmas.  I still need to start tomorrow by going to the bank.  I have checks to deposit, note to pay on, a wire to check on, and receipts from the remodel to take in.   

We are still having problems with the drains on the North side of the house.  Not sure why we are getting backed up water.  Dave has run three different snakes down the drains to clear them, but the problem persists.  The backed up water is causing the 1/2 bath drain pipes to drip, so they will need to be replaced.   Since the main bathroom is taken apart and the 1/2 bath is not back together yet, we are down to 1 toilet and a shower in the laundry room.  There is also a kitchen sized sink there too.  I may have to take the dirty dishes down to the laundry room to wash them if the drain lines don't get fixed soon! 

I so enjoy having hot water in the barn!  It makes cleaning easier and also more sanitary.  The new heater also keeps the barn nice and toasty. 


Christmas 2015 

Merry Christmas to Friends, Family, HS Family, and Fans!
I hope everyone's Holidays are a time of family and joys. 

As a Christian, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birth and the gift that God has given to man.
Christmas is a time many reflect back on the year and to what God has provided.  My family has been blessed in so many ways, unfortunately human character often has us dwell on the negatives in our lives.  My wish for each one of you this Christmas is that you can find the blessings in your life. 

I know some of you are battling health, emotional, personal, and other issues in your lives, please know that there are people that truly care and would do whatever in their power to help you in any way.  Please don't try to battle alone; reach out to people so that they may be there in for you. 

For my own family, my Christmas wish is for health and happiness.

My hope for my babies is to find loving homes, such as most of you have provided for your fur babies. 

My prayers for myself are that I can always be positive and not dwell on things I cannot change. 

Enjoy your Holiday times, whatever they may be.  Family and friends are a precious gift that we often take for granted.