Tuesday, December 1 2015

Wow!  It is December already!

Counter top is supposed to go in tomorrow!  Not sure when they are planning the cupboards though. 
We had a guy out last night to look at the wood floors to see about refinishing them.  They might get done before the tile in the kitchen!  I dread the thought of taking all of the stuff out of our bedroom!  How does so much stuff accumulate? I have bagged up some things to donate, but I am going to have lots more before the remodel is done!  Time to purge all of the unused things.  Sadly the teacher in me has me saving things "just in case they can be used."

All of the puppies are getting softened food now.  I am giving it twice a day with hard food available all the time.  Both moms have retirement homes!  So happy for them to have great places to go when they leave here.

Getting so excited about the trip next week!!!  Poor Dave will have to take care of the dogs and the puppies by himself. 

The heater was put into the barn today.  They hung it in the ceiling and vented it outside.  Now to get the propane and electricity hooked up to it.  It is a large garage heater, so should keep the place nice and cozy!

Time to get things all ready for the night.  Tuck the babies and moms in, make sure pee pads are clean ones.


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