This is a sample of the contract I use.  Please remember that any deposit is considered NONREFUNDABLE, especially after I make travel arrangements.  Also a dog is not considered sold until I have checked your references and given you the okay to adopt him.  Please do not print this contract off and send it to me with any money until we have spoken, and I have checked references.  I will send you a copy of the contract to look over and discuss with me.  I can accept credit cards through Venmo or PayPal, but any payments sent as goods have an added 4% fee to cover my costs of using PayPal.

The amount put on the damage clause will be equal to the purchase price of the dog. 

Heaven Sent Biewers Agreement of Sale

Buyer’s Name:__________________________________Phone # ______________

Address_________________ ______________________Deposit $___________________

Biewer Terrier/ Yorkshire Terrier M ____ F ______ Reg #______Price $_______

Sire ________ Dam _________Date Whelped________

Sales Tax $____Paid Cash ______ or Check _________________
Sale is contingent on full veterinary approval within 2 days, if this purebred dog does not have your veterinarian's approval; please return puppy to breeder premises immediately for a full refund. If the puppy dies within 2 weeks of Parvo, Distemper or other diseases preventable by vaccines, a replacement will be given after a period of sufficient time to rid the premises of the disease. An autopsy Must be given for proof of disease. If this dog develops a serious hereditary disease within one year from the date of birth, with the exception of luxating patellas which cannot be guaranteed on any toy dog, it is similar to a trick knee on a football player, Legg Perthes injuries are common, or trachea problems which can be the result of careless intubation or severe bronchitis, specifically, but not limited to  liver shunt, upon return of puppy at buyer's expense, a full refund (minus deposit) or another puppy (buyer responsible for transportation charges) shall be given as a replacement whichever is mutually agreeable. Any genetic disease Will be diagnosed by breeder veterinarian (Dr. Don Musil, Prairie Valley Vet Clinic, Blue Rapids, KS (785) 363-7903) or vet of breeder's choice. 

Breeder and Buyer certify by signing this bill of sale that this dog is not sold for resale purposes and that the Breeder will be notified if it is necessary for this dog to change hands and right of first refusal will be given to the breeder. Show and/or Breeding Potential means that at the time of puppy's transfer, the dog shows qualities that would make it a good candidate for show or breeding.  Puppies can and will change as they grow and mature.  No guarantees that the puppy will develop to be show or breeding quality as it matures.  If sold as “Pet Quality,” the puppy must be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age or buyer must surrender the puppy to Breeder.  Breeder and Buyer also agree that if any litigation arises between the parties of this sales contract that it must be brought to suit in the County of Marshall County, KS or the County that the Breeder is currently residing in at the time of the suit, and Kansas laws will apply. Attorney fees and any costs of litigation to be awarded to the Breeder. If Breeder finds that this contract has been breached there is a $_____ damage clause, plus return of the dog at the Buyer’s expense.

Breeder or seller is transferring this dog as:
Show Potential _____ Breeding Potential______ Pet Quality only _____
(breeder’s initials will show intention) Any puppy sold before 6 months of age is not guaranteed to be show or breeding quality as an adult.

Medical History: See health booklet

Injectable anesthesia must be used with great care and breeder assumes no liabilities for consequences when injectable anesthesia are used, and the veterinarian is to use care when intubating this toy dog so as not to damage the trachea by using a tube that is to big. This Breeder will replace the dog if it dies due to any hereditary problems if the following conditions are met. Buyer must consult with breeder within 48 hours of any illness or genetic defect and follow advice of breeder’s vet. Under no circumstances is Breeder/Seller to be held responsible for medical services not authorized by the seller/breeder. Buyer must have an autopsy done by breeder’s vet or breeder’s vet of choice within 24 hours of death. I am available 24 hrs a day for questions please call if you need anything. My Vet is Dr. Don Musil, Prairie Valley Vet Clinic, Blue Rapids, KS (785) 363-7903

Breeder's Cell 785-713-1677 Breeder’s Address *********, Marysville, KS 66508

Breeder’s email          Buyer’s Email Address_________________________

Breeder’s Signature __________________________ Dated _______________Buyer’s Signature ___________________________ Dated _________________