Biewer owners are always looking for products that work with our dogs.  If you have a favorite product that works, please share and I will post them either with our without your name whichever you prefer.

Infusium 23 leave in conditioner by (Frizz)Ology.  I buy this at Wal-Mart.  I don't think it helps with mats, but it does help to grow coat.  I have also mixed it with PurePaws oil to put the dogs in oil.  I have also been using the Infusium Moisture Renewal shampoo on the dogs.

Chris Christensen pin brushes and Buttercombs

Mason Pearson detangling brush    This brush is great for brushing out wet dogs.  I use it before the pin brush and then the comb.

Wahl Tidbit clipper is great for trimming ears and under tails.  The blades are easily replaced if they get dull.  I bought mine from Valley Vet Supply.

Chris Christensen also has some products I LOVE!   I think their White on White shampoo helps to lighten the yellowing.  I also like the Spectrum 10 products as well as the Ice on Ice spray.  It helps a bit with the mats.  I am trying out a newer product called Tame It.  I really like it so far. 

Pet Facets has a product called Secret Weapon.   I LOVE this product.  I have added it to a gallon of shampoo and to my daily spray conditioner mixture.  This product really does help with mats.  I have had a dog that I thought I would have to shave, and this product helped to get them out.  I still had to carefully pick them apart, but the dematting was MUCH easier with this product. 

People often ask what I feed my dogs.  I have a couple of brands that I use.  Until recently I fed Chicken and Rice foods, but have switched to Lamb and Rice.  The puppies usually still get Chicken and Rice.  The "show" dogs are on a grain free kibble.

I feed either Diamond Naturals or 4Health.  Neither contains corn and both have a grain free variety too. 
4health Lamb & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food, 35 lb. Bag4health Grain Free Turkey & Potato Dog Food, 30 lb.Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food, 40 lb. BagDiamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy Dog Food, 18 lb. BagDiamond Naturals Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Formula Dog Food, 28 lb. Bag