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November 11 

Meet the three newest members of the Heaven Sent Family.  (sorry for the messy hair picture!)  Top to bottom.  Midi, Cheri, Pip.   Names may change as I get to know these gals.  Pip will likely be looking for a pet home, as she is a tiny thing.

The puppies are doing well.  Bella is starting to show signs that it is time to start feedings.  She runs for the babies when she does not think they need to eat!   
Kitchen is not coming along very fast.  Maybe the plumber/electrician can get here to do a couple of outlets and water/drain lines.  It will also be nice to get the barn heater and water heater all hooked up.  We have been running the space heaters as needed so far this fall.  It will be so nice to have the large heater heating the whole barn, instead of space heaters for just a portion of the barn. 

Getting excited about heading to Eukanuba.  I will get to see some people and dogs that I haven't seen in awhile.  It is always fun to see such quality dogs and try to see if my picks match the judges picks for groups and BIS.  Plus I will have several days off school to spend with friends and dogs. 

I hope to find some time to take pictures of the babies and the new girls all dolled up.  Seems that there are too many things going on with school, dogs, construction, and other day to day things to get done.  Miss the time that summer gives me!

I can't remember if I announced that I am going to be a grandma in April.  They found out it is a boy!

November 7 

The babies are growing like weeds.  Three weeks tomorrow and Bella wants to spend more time away from them each day. 

I hope to have another announcement this week.  Maybe I can get pictures of all the new ones too. 

School is going well.  The interim testing is done.  Made it a long week though.  Now to get back into our regular schedule again.

Kitchen is just starting to come together.  I have painted all of the walls and the closet.  The kitchen 1/2 bath needs paint yet.  They started putting the cabinets in on Thursday.  Found out that the carpenter extended the soffit too far.  He had to come back on Friday and shorten it.  The counter top people will be here on Monday to measure for the granite.  It will take it 2 weeks to be ready to put on.  Then the rest of the cabinets and the crown molding can be installed.  I was also told by the tile people that they did not order the tile and it will be at least two weeks before it is here.  So, it looks like three weeks minimum before we are back into the kitchen. 

Dave started painting the stairway walls today.  We picked out a gray and it is darker than I thought.  Almost looks black.  Dungeon anyone?

Not sure if I am ready for the upstairs to be torn apart!  I am ready for dogs to be back in the house.  It is kind of quiet, even though Bella and her babies are in the bedroom with us. 

I will try to get pictures of the puppies.  I am thinking of keeping the girl, so that will mean the two boys may be looking for homes. 


Monday, October 26 

The babies are officially a week old (last night).  They are do great.  All are fat and content babies.  Bella is leaving them for short (very short) breaks.  She goes outside to potty and right back in. 

Made it through the first night of conferences.  Tomorrow is a full moon and the students are excited about Halloween this weekend and of course the party on Thursday.  Might be a long week even though it is only 4 days.

I wish I could see some changes in the kitchen when I get home.  I can tell the guys were out here, but can't really see any changes.  I guess they are mudding and sanding.  Hoping it all works out for the cupboards next week!  I haven't told the appliance people that we are ready yet, because we need the tile in before the appliances.  Seems like such a slow process. 

Dave had to take care of dogs tonight.  Murphy had a dirty bottom, but did not want Dave to get close to him.  Dave has never been a favorite of Murphy.  Needless to say, Dave had to corner him and then grab at him.  Not good, as Murphy bit Dave and drew blood.  Murphy was fine for the bath part and did not fight Dave after he was picked up.  I told Dave that he likely hurt Murphy when he had to grab him so quickly.  I am sure it seemed to Dave like Murphy was getting all of the sympathy. 

October is almost gone.  Thanksgiving and Christmas will quickly be approaching.  My time does fly. 

October 25 

The three babies are doing very well so far.  They are growing and fat!

The kitchen is completely gutted.  They have been repairing wall damage (from me taking off the wainscot paneling).  Floor in the half bath is repaired.  The mud will hopefully be dry enough for them to prime the wall.  We bought paint today, so hoping to get the kitchen painted this week.  The cement board is to go down this week, then next week the cupboards.  I can't wait to see them in the kitchen!!!  So excited!  Then the floor followed by appliances and then the backsplash. Will also have trim work to do around the doors and floor.

Every other room in the house is in a disarray.  The living room has the refrigerator and the new half bath vanity in it.  The bedrooms and upper basement have boxes of kitchen items.  We will go through all of the boxes before putting things back into the kitchen.  I have a feeling that there will be boxes and bags of things to donate to the sheltered workshop.  Probably many trips will be made before we are done with the house. 

I am hoping to get to the door tomorrow.  I still need to varnish it.  It has been on my to do list for a couple of weeks, but things come up.  If I don't do it soon then it will be too cold to do the outside before I know it.

In just over a month Fancy and Tater will be traveling to Florida with my friend and me.  4-5 days in Florida!!!  Baby will go with us too, to travel to her forever home.  Will miss that girl!  She is such a people dog. 

I wish the hot water or even the tub was hooked up in the barn.  While the construction is going on, I still have to bring the dogs to the house for grooming.  Good thing we have a full sized kitchen sink in our laundry room. 

Hell week for teachers is this next week.  Monday 8 am to 9 pm, Tuesday normal, Wednesday 8-9, Thursday normal, Friday OFF!  With 21 students I will have two full nights of conferences without any breaks.  NOT looking forward to this week at all.  It is also Anti Bullying week at school, so the kids will dress in different themes each day and they want the teachers to dress up too.  Monday is favorite team day. 


October 19, 2015 

Bella had three puppies last night.  2 boys and 1 girl.   They are nice sized babies and seem to be doing well so far.   They are in my bedroom like my babies normally are, even though all of the rest of the dogs are in the barn.  Construction workers are in and out of the house, and I could not risk anyone getting out or hurt.  My bedroom door is shut, so hopefully the added noise during the day won't bother Bella and babies.  Will be nice when they are done working on the house!   

I hope to get pictures in the next couple of days.  Bella is a mama that curls around her babies for the first few days.   

This will likely be the only litter until next year.  No one in heat or bred for now. 


October 5, 2015 

Trying to get caught back up at school after being gone last week.  I also need to miss half of Thursday to go for a bone scan and a mammogram. 

I have been looking for a new male for over a year.  One came to live here, but was not structurally what I wanted to breed.  In my search, I have found a couple of sisters that will be coming in the next month.  Hope they are as nice as their pictures!  I also have my eye on a boy, and hoping he remains as cute as he is now. 

Puppies still due in just over 2 weeks.  We will start puppy watch late this coming weekend. 

Our kitchen is not usable right now.  The only appliance that is still usable is the dishwasher and sink.  The refrigerator keeps things cold, but is not hooked up to water to make ice or cold filtered water.  We have used the microwave to make supper the last two nights.  Dave needs to get the old linoleum pulled up yet.  Hoping we really love everything we have picked out when everything is done!


October 2 

Just got back from the dog show late this afternoon.  1st show--Tater was BOB and went to win Group 1.  Baby was BOS.Tatttt  2nd show--Dreamer was BOB and then got group 3.  Fancy was BOS.  Many Many thanks for my friend Bernice for taking care of Tater and Baby and then also going to this show with me to help get things ready and show  Tater.

Went to eye doctor again on the way to the show.  He wants to see me again in another month.  I think just as a precaution.

If anyone is wanting a retired boy (meaning he will likely need to wear a belly band, even after being neutered)  Wolfi has been retired.  He has no teeth, but eats hard dog food. 

Looking forward to puppies in about a month.  No other litters are in the works right now.  I may have an announcement about a new Heaven Sent member in a few weeks!

Also forgot to tell you that Dave and I are expecting our first grandbaby this next spring!

Next show is Eukanuba in December.  Much to do before then!

Sept. 16 

We got exciting news yesterday.  Our daughter is expecting our first grandbaby! 

I am also sad that all of the dogs are in the barn right now.  They have started on the house.  They have been working outside, so I had been procrastinating taking the dogs to the barn.  Today I got home to a new back door installed.  That had me scared about the safety of the furbabies while I am gone.  So I packed up everyone, toys, beds and chews and we went to the barn and got everyone settled in.  Now I pray that the construction gets done sooner instead of later.  Not only for our sanity of living in a torn apart house, but so the dogs can get back where they belong. 

School is going pretty smoothly.   My class will be gaining another student on Monday.  So very thankful that I have a wonderful para to support and help in my classroom.  There are days that I cannot even think straight.

I have been sick since I got my flu shot on Thursday.  Hoping all of my bloodwork comes back normal. I am scheduled for a bone scan in early October.  My ankles were x-rayed to see if any changes are going on and causing the pain.   Getting older is not much fun!

Labor Day, Monday, Sept 7, 2015 

Thank you for the prayers.  My eye just has really large floaters, caused by aging.  The Eye doctor will look at it again at the end of the month. I see the regular doctor this week. I am sure she will tell me the same thing.... you are getting older!  lol

They are suppose to start on the outside of the house tomorrow.  Drilling holes to blow in more insulation. Then siding, guttering, and covering all wood parts.  We need to buy a new door for the basement and get the door from the folks for the front.  The front door will need to be finished yet.   We don't even have our loan approved yet!!!  The loan officer was on vacation last week.  I guess we could be in big trouble, as they have already started on the kitchen cabinets too.  

All of the dogs, except Gracie, the poodle, got baths yesterday.  Bubble bath ad a rinse.  Quick way to wash a crew.  I need to do nails and a bit of trimming yet.  Dave and I calked and fixed a few things around the barn.  Trying to get ready to have the whole crew there while the house is being worked on.  I don't want anyone getting stepped on, or let out and lost.  As much as I don't like not having them in the house, I know it is safer for them to be contained safely away from the construction.   I bet you can guess where I will be spending a lot of my time too!  lol

Getting excited about the dog show in just a few weeks.  Then nothing until Eukanuba.  I was disappointed to find out that there will be only one show at Eukanuba this year for FSS breeds.  Guess I won't be going next year.  The trip is too expensive for only one show, even if the BTCA counts it as our specialty.  Dreamer and Tater are so close to earning a Certificate of Merit.  Dreamer needs only 3 points and Tater needs 5.  Fancy needs 13 and Baby needs 14 points.  I am not planning on Baby getting a CM, but hope that Fancy can get the points in the next year. 

The next few weeks are likely to be busy ones.  We have a lot of decisions, even though a lot have been made already.  Flooring to try to get up, rooms to paint, items to buy, and stuff to move around from room to room.  Hopefully we can purge stuff not needed during the remodel too.


August 30, 2015 

We did get the termites sprayed and baited yesterday.  Found some dead ant looking terimites? in the barn tonight.  Some were still kicking a bit too.

Went and bought dog food today and looked over home improvement things too.  Anxious about getting started (and done) with our remodel!!!

Tomorrow I work just a couple of hours and then go to Lincoln to see the retina specialist.  Worried about what he will say, but trying to be optimistic.  

Dana found out her Fossil store is not going to open until November 1.  This will give her more time to hire a strong team to work for her.  

Dad has it arranged for Dave and I to ride in at Kansas State football's Harley Day.  Dad and Dave rode in last year.  Probably more amazing from the stands than riding in.  I think Dana and Richard are going to the game that day too.

I need to decide what I am wearing tomorrow.  I have only worn dresses or skirts to school so far (except Friday"s jean day).  Don't know if I want to wear a dress to the doctor's though.

Everything is quiet with the dogs.  No puppies, no puppies due.  

August 28, 2015 

Made it through the first whole week of school!  Celebrated this morning with a diet Dr.Pepper and a blueberry muffin.

Came home yesterday to a broken water pipe around the hydrant by the barn.  The night before I found termite tunnels inside the barn.  Hope the bad news does not come in threes!   Dave and I will spend part of tomorrow putting these tube things in the ground around the barn and house to bait the termites.  

Monday I am only working 1/4 day as I have an appointment with a retina specialist in Lincoln.  The vision in my right I has become hazy.  Prayers for good news are always welcome.

Bernice, my dog friend with Shiba Inus, is taking care of Tater and Baby.  This is a big help, as I don't seem to have time to keep 4 dogs in coat,take care of all other fur babies, teach, take care of the house, etc.  

I did get my computer back from my daughter!   The  school also gave each Preschool-4th grade teacher an iPad with a keyboard.  
I am hoping to get Tater's Wisconsin picture scanned and on the web page.

I am so far behind here, plus trying to plan ahead for the remodel construction.  Hoping to get things picked up tomorrow morning while Dave is still working.  

I am still so disappointed in not getting any Dreamer puppies, but so thankful that TeTe is okay.  Missing babies in the house!!  Fancy is still pretty playful since she is just a few months old.  Hopefully in a few months, God will bless us again with special babies.


August 21, 2015 

Sad news.   TeTe had one puppy today via C-section.  The puppy had passed several days ago.  TeTe is doing well.

No other puppies are expected at this time.  I will make an announcement when we are expecting again, as I know there are several of you waiting for a special boy or girl to love.  I had high hopes for the TeTe/Dreamer litter.

On a happier note:  The Greeley shows went well for the Biewer Terriers.
Day 1- Tater won breed and Fancy took BOS.  Tater went on to win FSS Group.
Day 2 Dreamer won breed and Fancy took BOS.  Dreamer won an FSS Group 2
Day 3- Tater won breed and Baby took BOS.  Tater won the FSS Group again!

School has started, but seems to be so busy!!!   I will be coming in sometime on Sunday to do my planning for next week, as I just did not have enough time during the day to even start lesson plans.

July 30, 2015 

A couple of days ago when I came into school I forgot to update the blog.  I did post show results though.  

The trip was fun since I had my friend Bernice with me.  She helped me GREATLY with my 4 and I only helped her a little with her two Shiba Inus.   We stayed at another Shiba person's home.  Gladys graciously let us spend 5 nights in her gorgeous home overlooking a river.  We enjoyed her hot tub and used quite of bit of her water washing Biewer Terriers everyday.  Bernice has taken Tater under her wing and has had him at her home for about a month now.  He is getting a bath everyday there, something that I just don't seem to have the time for.  Needless to say, he is looking FABULOUS! 

In just two weeks, I will be heading to another show.  When I get back school will start, so the time until then is busy with getting my classroom ready and trying to keep up with the dogs.  I am also trying to prepare for the remodel that should start in September.  I have been looking for a flooring that will be easy on the dogs' feet when they have to spend weeks in the barn/kennel.   I don't want to take any risks that any of the gang will get out or stepped on, so banishment is the only answer.  Of course I will be spending LOTS of time with them.  Heck, if the new doggie tub is hooked up, I may have to do dishes down there!  Planning on putting a microwave down there too since some of the enzyme shampoo needs to be heated up before you put it on the dogs. 

We are looking for a propane heater for the ceiling as electricity has been so expensive to heat the barn.   Propane is down in price right now and we contracted what we hope is plenty for the house and barn. 

I may have to go to Colorado alone, but am trying to talk Dave into going with me.  He would have to either take vacation days or just not get paid for the three week days we will be gone.  My friend Bernice has a show in Topeka during that time.  DARN!  I wish all AKC shows allowed FSS to compete!

Tomorrow I will be contacting someone about Killer.  She has been busy all week.  On paper (the application) she sounds wonderful!  Talk to her and then check her references.  Killer would LOVE is own person to spoil him!   Fancy (AKA Sweetie) really got into the show life and the attention!


July 20, 2915 

Survived the week with the grand daughter and now the house seems so quiet without her!  Gearing up for the dog show this coming weekend.  I  need to leave provisions for Dave for when I am gone.  We will also be having a visiting dog, as Sassy will be coming back for a few days to visit Killer.

The start of school is approaching SO QUICKLY!!!   I have things I need to do at school, but they will wait until after this show.  My school committee needs to meet before school starts.  One of the members will be gone the beginning of August and then I want to be gone right before school starts.  That leaves August 10 or 11 for us to meet! 

Gotti is now called Andy and in his new home in California.  His new mom has posted pictures on FB and he looks happy. 
Now to find Killer his forever home.  He is so sweet and someone is missing out on his great personality.  He is doing VERY well with potty training.  He does his job first thing in the morning when I take them out.  During the day, if I don't get him out he is using the pee pad and usually even hits it!  LOL

Taking 4 dogs to show and my helper is likely going to be showing her own dogs at the very same exact time.  I have been trying to get together some awards for the show to hand out to winners.  It is hard to come up with things that every size of dog could use. 

The heat here has been miserable!  High humidity makes the heat index around 115. 

Trying to get the exact siding for the house picked out.  I thought is would just be a color thing.... Nope!  There is different materials, insulated, noninsulated.  5 in double, 4 in double 8 single.  So, I have samples of the different sizes to show Dave.  We have the color picked out!  lol  So glad for an experienced contractor running our local lumber yard.  This man has even worked on our house, so he knows a bit about it and can give us and the current contractor some heads up and tips about things. 

Hope I have exciting news to report after the show!!!


June 29, 2015 

Almost a month since I have posted!!!

Gotti is here and is a gorgeous boy with a great personality.  Was a barker at first, but settled down.  The trip to California and back in one day, made the next three days very unproductive.  I was SO tired!

Hopefully in a couple of months Dreamer will become a daddy for the first time!

Baby is in heat for the first time, but trying my best to keep her away from the boys.  This creates noise as she thinks she should be able to play with everyone!  That girl is NOT happy being penned up. 

I have been working with the dogs for the upcoming shows.  I found out that  Dreamer has 10 points, so all he needs for his Certificate of Merit is 5 more points!!  I hope he has them by Eukanuba, because I would like to take Gotti and Fancy (formerly Sweetie).  I wish I had another girl beside Baby to show, as she does not act like she likes the whole thing.  She just does not have the personality for it, even though she is playful at home.  Her tail is up only for the first couple of minutes when we walk and practice standing.  She wants to lay down.  Hopefully with some tasty treats she will come around.  Dreamer of course is a pro at walking and standing.  He wants to go too fast some of the time though.  The pups are doing well.  They want to jump when they see the bait and not to stand.  I know they will get there though.   Both are walking on the leash well though.  The table still scares them a bit too.  Time to get the cans out for stacking practice.

Just got the new to us pickup truck tagged today.  The in-transit tag expires today and we just got the needed paperwork for the Kansas tag on Saturday.  I found a drop in bed liner and a tonneau cover on Craig's list.  The guy ended up giving me the bed liner for free and we paid less than half of new price for the bed cover.  Ready to travel to those shows!!

My friend, Bernice, and I went to Lincoln to thrift shop for show suits.  I found some REALLY nice things and did not spend $25 the whole day.  Now to decide what to take and what items I need to complete the outfits.  (more shopping! lol)

Find it hard to do some things with just my phone as my computer.  Hopefully can meet up with the kids to get it back soon. 

Killer is still looking for a forever home.  He only has one more puppy shot and then neutering left for his vet expenses in the next year.  He is an awesome boy and wants to be right with me all the time.  Do you suppose the summertime puppies get a bit more spoiled than the ones during the school year?  lol

Just a bit over a month until school starts up again.  TeTe/Dreamer pups due AFTER school starts.... darn it! 

We are starting to talk to contractors about remodeling the kitchen and bath, as well as siding the house and replacing the ceiling in the extra bedroom.  The cabinet maker says it will take at least 3 months to get the cabinets.  I guess the kitchen will be done last!   Hopefully they can get to the siding, bedroom and bathroom before that though!   It would be nice to have everything done by Thanksgiving and Christmas though.  


June 5 

I have tried to blog a couple of times, but then the post gets lost before it gets posted.  I guess that comes with using my phone instead of a computer!   I loaned my computer out to my daughter, so I am now using my phone and my husband's tablet when he lets me!  lol.  I actually went to the school today to work on the computer, so thought I would blog before I left.

A lot has happened.  Dave had his hernia surgery.  Less than a week now for light duty. 
Leta and Laika are at the vets' office getting spayed.  I will pick them up on my way home in just a bit.  Darla was spayed and is in her new home already.  She now lives in Nebraska with Tate.  Leta will leave this fall to live in Florida with Pumpkin.  Laika will be going to Topeka to live with a family there that is new to Heaven Sent. 

No puppies due and no one in heat at the moment, so the summer will be a quiet one. 

Bella's puppies are ready to go, but I only have Killer left.  I am keeping Sweetie and Sassy went to live with the teacher friend that has Treasure. 

I will travel next Wednesday to pick up my new boy Gotti.  It will be a long day of airplane travel.  I was hoping to take him to a beginning puppy match soon, but his paperwork is not complete yet.  Hopefully it will be ready for me to show him in July, when I take Sweetie, Baby and Dreamer to a show.  I decided that Tater will stay home, because 4 is my limit.  I thought 2 boys and 2 girls would be nice too. 

Travel plans for December's Eukanuba are underway.  Airlines and hotel both booked.  I need to get a rental car yet for the time we are down there.  I will be taking 2 dogs, but don't know which ones yet.  I am hoping Dreamer will have the needed 15 points for a Certificate of Merit by then.  We will see. 

Killer is one cute boy.  I renamed him because every time I was around him he begs to play or be picked up.  I told him he was killing me!   Too bad he has too much black on a back legs, otherwise Dreamer might have a run for his money (they are 1/2 brothers, with Bella being their mom).  Anyway, Killer is going to make someone a WONDERFUL pet.  I need to get pictures updated, as the taped ear picture does not do him justice.  His ears have been up for a couple of weeks now.   I had better get busy!!  

Need to get going, so I can get the L girls from the vet, and maybe a bit of lunch (2:30 already!)


big weekend.  School ended Friday. Our Anniversary was yesterday. Bought a grooming tub today(used). And tomorrow  is Memorial Day. 

Robby has been spoken for and will leave in a couple of weeks.  I have been talking to a family about Laika.  I will pick up my own little Gotti right befor Robbie leaves. Sassy will probably go this next week to live with her family.  If you remember Treasure , then you know Sassy's "big" brother.  

Still looking for for a new to us vehicle.   

To to do list for this week.
call vet for shot and spay appointments then hopefully have a trip or two. 
go see my friend in Lawrence
bath tater, baby, and Dreamer. 
Eye doctor appt on Wednesday 
reschedule hair appointment that was cancelled because of Dave's surgery
plant some shrubs and flowers

May 16 

Today  Darla and Renny went to their new homes.  Darla lives with Tate in  Nebraska.  Darla's new mom was gracious enough to take Renny to meet her new mom.  Renny will be living in Colorado.

We had a family come and visit us today.  They were looking at Robby.  If they decde to get him, it will not be for a couple of weeks.

Dana also came  today.  Richard went golfing with his dad, so we did not get to see him or Jill. 

I think Bella babies are about ready to take the next step towards weaning. 

Just a few days left of school.

May 14 

Less than a week with this year's third grade.  LOTS to do before I can walk out the door for the summer though!

Darla is doing well after her surgery yesterday.  She will be leaving on Saturday.  I will meet her new mom in Lincoln.  She will get to travel with Renny, her puppy, to meet up with Renny's new owner.

Excited about Gotti, but still don't know when I get to go out to get him. 

I need to get vet appointments for the puppies and some of the adults for shots.  I think I will have the vet come out here.

Starting to plan for this year's Eukanuba.  I know it is kind of silly. 

Going to be a busy weekend.  Taking the two girls to Lincoln Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we have prospective new puppy parents coming in to meet the gang. 


May 13 

I remember this day fondly as the day my first horse was born.  Of course I did not get him until he was 1.5 years old and he is now buried on our place.  Sam was every girl's dream!  He got me through many years and taught me so much.  He also taught my two kids and a few 4-Hers how to ride.  Happy Trails old friend!

This evening plans were made to get Darla and Renny to their new homes this weekend.  Darla was spayed today, so she is hiding a bit in the crates tonight. 

School gets out a week from tomorrow!  The end of the year is so close.  The meeting after school today was about year end paperwork. 

It was raining again this afternoon and evening.  Cooled off quickly. 

Monique's girls are going to be small.  They look like midget Biewers next to Bella's babies and there is just two week difference.  The little girls are getting playful and tails a waggin.  Bella's babies HAVE to get out to run and play every evening or we can hardly stand their complaining. 


May 11 

Field Trip successful!   It was chilly out today, but I think everyone enjoyed it.  The kids were pretty good.  I learned that turtles have scales that they lose as their shells get bigger and that box turtles with red eyes are males and with golden eyes are female.

Darla goes in on Wednesday for her spay.  I will then set up a time to meet her new family.  She will have a Heaven Sent sibling. 

Renny will likely be leaving by the end of the week.  She is moving to Colorado.

I would like to introduce you to Gotti.  He is going to be the newest Heaven Sent male. 
Now, I need to decide if all of the current boys are staying.  Boys almost out number the girls!

May 9 

We are home from Salina.  Dave has been taking it easy, but I have been LAZY too. 

I want to give at least the "show" dogs baths this weekend.  More need it, but it seems pointless with the rain we have been getting.  I have started up a dehumidifier.  Spring in Kansas... 

Put all of the dogs that are looking for homes on my Facebook page.  I would like for the ones that are ready to find their homes, so they can enjoy summer with their new family. 

Still haven't decided on a G name for the new boy.

May 8 

Dave had his surgery today.  He can tell that the hernia is not burning like it was, but has pain from the surgery.  Two weeks of limited lifting and not driving as long as he is on the pain medicine.  We stayed in Salina tonight with the kids.  Tomorrow we will go home to begin the healing in earnest.  It was nice to have sidewalks to walk on though when I was getting Dave to move around and walk. 

Missing the babies like crazy!  I also said yes to a little boy that will be a new show/stud hopeful.  Hoping to go get him in early June.  I hope to post pictures of him soon.  I also need to name him.  Any fabulous G names? 
Going Grand  (is Andi's name)
GQ Dreams is Dreamer

What about:
Great and mighty
Going to the top
Grab your hat
Getting fine
Get your Great
Glory shines
good and plenty
good as it gets
getting is good
grab the glory
Giant Step
Given it all

Hmm, lots to think about.
Sure there will be lots to do tomorrow with Dave not feeling up to par. 

May 6 

One more day of school this week.  Still need to get everything ready for next week, but lesson plans are done.
o I
Tomorrow after school and work we are heading to Salina. 

Will fill up food dishes and waters before we leave.  Of course waters need to be filled almost every night, but I usually just put some food in and I will make sure food is filled. 

Raining with winds.  This causes water to pool on the kennel floor.  Not sure how it is getting in and wish I could figure it out.  The dog beds were wet, wet, wet so all frames have clean covers. 

Dreamer is due for another bath, but it may wait until Saturday.  There is a dog show this weekend in Topeka.  I almost entered the puppy match, but glad I did not now that Dave will not be doing much of anything.  

So I ordered a canopy with one side from eBay.  It came today and all that is there is the one side.  The seller said that his "guy" made a mistake when posting the auction and he does not have the canopy, only the side.  I can get this same exact side from Wal-Mart for $14.99 and I paid almost $60.  Needless to say, I am not happy at ALL.  I now need to try to find the time tomorrow to get it sent back for a refund.  What a total waste of time!  Just glad I will be able to get the purchase price back.  Still think it is wrong to advertise one thing and then send a different or partial thing. 


May 5 

Happy Birthday to my mother!  She is 81 today.

Dave surgery is scheduled for Friday morning.  I will have someone else be in charge of the in-service at school on Friday morning.  I just need to have everything ready for them.  I will also need to get my lesson plans done for next week.  Monday will be easy, as that is our field trip day. 

Already starting to make plans for the Eukanuba shows!  My friend made hotel reservations.  We are planning on flying this year.  I cannot be gone from school for as many days in a row this coming year. 

Bella's babies are 8 weeks old today!