January 1, 2016

Why cannot technology and I be better buddies?   I took some pictures of the puppies and tried to email them out to interested people.  The emails will not leave my phone!  I was able to text some pictures and a video to Midi's, now called Bronwyn, new mom. 

Still have not gotten everyone groomed.  The contractors seemed to have things that needed to be done.  I painted after they removed trim, because the new trim is narrower.  I stained and varnished the new door jam that is being replaced.  Just generally tried to keep things cleaned up, but quickly finding that with construction going on is impossible!  The kitchen is looking more put together, even without the backsplash.  I have been able to "cook" meals, even though they have been pretty simple fares.   I am really just down to Sunday to get dogs finished before break is over.  Tomorrow Dave has planned to go out of town to get building supplies (I thought we were done getting things!)  We still have the toilet we purchased last week in the back seat of the truck!

The three older puppies went in yesterday for their first shots.  Came home with pain killer for Emma, since she is not doing very well this winter and with a three pack of Revolution to put on the gang. 

I have made a dent in the receipts.  I think I can get it all done by January 15, but I always have a list of things that the accountant still needs.  Some years it is things that we haven't gotten from others yet, such as interest income or even W-2 forms.  Other times there are things that I forgot to make  note of, so I have to find the figures and take them in.

We went to the new Star Wars moving tonight.  The school gave us a pass for 2 that had to be used by January 3.  We actually tried to go last night to the late show, but they did not have the late viewing since it was New Year's Eve. 

I have slowing been trying to empty out the bedroom.  We will need to have the floor done in there before we are done with every thing.   

Want to work on some more receipts before I head to bed tonight..

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