Both girls are now in the bedroom with their babies.  No more walking around the expen in the bathroom!   Wish the older ones could be in the kitchen with lots more room! 

Cold with LOTS of ice.  Our sidewalks and the road to town are terrible.  Rained most of the day.  It was below freezing, so the upper air layers must be warm yet.  There were cars in the ditches on the way to Salina today.  One had crashed into a guardrail.  Not good news.

The packing is almost finished.  Just need to add the things still needed like make-up for me and brushes/combs for the dogs.  My suits are still hanging, so I hope I don't forget them!  I need to hang my list up somewhere that it won't get lost.  The large suitcase still has 15 pounds before it is over weight.  The carry on is going to have most of my clothes in it.  The big one has a plastic crate that has been taken apart, a soft sided expen, a grooming arm. grooming products for the dogs, ring side tote with some tools, bow, leads.  I will probably put the small dog carry on bag just incase I have a problem with the larger one at the airport. 

Tomorrow if we are around here and not having to go get house stuff, I am going to purge some clothes to donate and get out of my closet.  I have a bag and two boxes with stuff in them already.  If I could get to the car without falling down, I would put them in the car so I could take them afterschool this next week.

I can't forget to buy the trucks license on Monday.  The insurance was not on file, so I have to buy it in person.  My car and Dave's blazer had insurance on file, so I bought them on-line and they stickers were sent to me.  We haven't had the truck a year yet, so I guess that is why.  The insurance company is all the same for the three vehicles.  No happy with our carrier, as they had not sent out the proof of insurance in October when the new policy began.  I have been driving without proof of insurance, so I could have gotten a ticket. 

Good thoughts and prayers that my counters and the rest of the cupboards go in this week.  I know it seems weird to pray for that, but with all of the problems so far I just want it to get done and go smoothly.  It will still be awhile before we get the floor in, so doorways will not be finished, nor  the base trim.  Going to see if the appliances can be delivered next the following week.  Washing dishes by hand until the floor gets in will be just a slight inconvenience after having no kitchen. 

Every pup is quiet, so I had better take advantage and sleep before the noisy play begins again! lol