January 29 Kansas Day

The last week or so has been a mix of weather.  Snow to 50 degrees today.  We are supposed to get a huge storm next week.

Midi, AKA Bronwyn, went to her forever home on Saturday.  We got to visit with and stay over night at Dereck and Kysha's home since we met up with Vicki, Bronwyn's mom in Salina. 

The house is very slowly coming along.  The kitchen just needs the finish work, touch up painting and outlet covers.  The half bath still needs a coat of paint, lights and mirror put in.  The upstairs bathroom needs the walls and trim done, as well as the toilet and vanity put in.  The wooden floors are done in the spare bedroom and hallway.  We get to clean everything out of our bedroom this weekend, so the floor can be started in there.  After the floor is done, then Dave is going to put on the quarter round trim.    I was hoping to be done by the end of February, but even that looks doubtful.  (Wasn't I hoping for Christmas at one time?!)

Faith, Bruno, and  Kisses' DNA coat color tests all came back perfect!  I have sent in Bruno's MARS test.  I was told that I would get discount codes after I sent one in, so being that I am cheap I am waiting to order the other 2 kits. 

Bruno went to the vet yesterday to have baby teeth pulled.  He ended up having 20 teeth extracted.  He had 2 full sets of teeth!  The older puppies go their second shots, so they are ready to leave when their forever homes are found.  I am keeping the girl.  Right now I am calling her Tina, but want to come up with a better name for her.

I have decided not to go to the show in Denver in a couple of weeks.  The weather is such a hazard right now.  Plus was only planning on 2 dogs, so for a one day show it was going to be rather expensive.  Now for some shows to open close to me!!!  I have Fancy, Faith, Kisses, and Tina that I would like to show for girls and Bruno and Dreamer for boys.  Dreamer only needs one point for his Certificate of Merit, but I may have to show him more to help with points.  I cannot show 6 dogs at once, so will have to make some type of plan out for the girls.  It seems best to have 4, 2 boys and 2 girls.  That way the BOB gets 2 points and the BOS gets 1 point. 


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