December 3

Pip has found her forever home.  She will be leaving me on December 20, when her new dad flies in to pick her up.  One thing about Pip and her sisters is that I have never seen a whole litter of puppies so tiny.  I have gone back and forth on what to call the biggest girl that I am keeping.  I have decided to call her Hope because I hope she gets big enough to show and breed. 

The counter tops were put in yesterday and the remaining cabinets were put in today.   I LOVE them!  I can't wait to start loading them up and using them.  The stove and microwave will be delivered and installed on Monday.  The dishwasher will be delivered after the tile is put in.  I may have Dave bring the counter microwave upstairs to use until the new one is put in. 

Tomorrow is already Friday!  Next week we leave for Eukanuba.  I only have 8.5 days of school until Winter Break.  Shopping with my girls this weekend.  I hope to get Christmas shopping done!  No tree up because we have no free space right now.  Maybe after the tile floor goes in and we get the stuff out of the living room a tree can be put up.


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