January 19, 2015 Tuesday

Big news today is that the three puppies I have recently gotten have all passed the coat color analysis testing.  No chocolate, so ready for the next tests.... the MARS test to make sure they are purebred Biewer Terriers.  Then they can be registered with BTRA and AKC/FSS.

The kitchen is basically done.  Just a few small things like outlet covers and touch up painting to be done.  The half bath off the kitchen still needs to be painted, 2 lights, and a mirror to be put in.  The tile was put into the regular bath today.  Tomorrow they will grout it.  Then we can get toilet and vanity put in there.  I also need to paint the walls in that bath.  I guess I am slacking!  The wood floors will also be able to be refinished now that the major things are done in the bathroom upstairs. 

After everything is done the real work begins.  Purging of JUNK!  We have a lot to go through.  Both of our children have even more to go through!  I don't mind holding things for them if they want it, but if they are going to toss it out, then let's do it now!

I have a girl leaving Saturday.  Monique will leave sometime in February.  I need to get the two boys their shots, so that they will be ready.  Bruno, my new boy, needs some teeth pulled.  Time to go through health booklets and see which dogs are needing shots.  Baby and Monique will need to be spayed soon too.  So much to get done, now for my memory to remember to call the vet for appointments!

The COLD winter has hit Kansas!  Yesterday my car said -15 on the way to school.  That is without wind chill!  I don't remember what they said that was.  I probably have blocked that from my memory.  I have recess duty tomorrow, so I had better dress warm!

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