December 11, 2015 Orlando

Tater went BOS today, earning 2 points.  He is now the first Biewer Terrier to earn a Certificate of Merit with the AKC!!  Fancy won her class, but did not place in the breed ring.  Some really nice Biewers.  It is sure nice to have competition for a change!  Also enjoyed talking with other BTCA members. 

Tomorrow Tater, Fancy, Bernice and I will be at meet the breed.  It is always fun to talk to people about these wonderful dogs!  Two more days in Florida then back to cold Kansas on Monday.

At home,  Dave has told me that the wood floors are half sanded.  The heater in the barn is fully operational.  The tile floor goes in next week in the kitchen and then the following week the appliances will arrive!

Can't wait to see the gang at home again.  Funny how just a couple of days away has me missing the fur kids, because when I am at home, many days seem like a lot of work. 

We visited the trade show today for about a half hour.  I have already spent way too much money.  2 new leads, a new purple shirt to wear under jackets, 6 new dog beds, and a show trolley to wheel the dogs around.    I am afraid what will happen tomorrow when we have more time to look around.   


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