May 1

Leta's retirement home is pending.  She will be with another Biewer that is from Heaven Sent.  Her fur sister is Pumpkin!  They will live in Florida.

The babies are all doing really well.  Bella's babies are getting VERY active.  They are eating soft food, so it seems that all they do is poo!  lol

Dave is still waiting for Workers' Comp to approve his surgery.  It could have been done Wednesday morning, but no..... WC needs to review all of the records and decide if he needs the surgery.  He has been on light duty the last three days since the doctor said nothing over 20 pounds. 

We have been looking for a new to us vehicle.  We want something big enough to carry all of our stuff to dog shows.  My current car is a 2007 that we bought new.  It now has 150,000 miles and is making noises like the shocks or struts or something is needing attention.  We wont trade it in, but will continue to drive it daily and save the newer vehicle for trips.  So far I am liking GMC Acadia and Ford F150 crew cab trucks.  I know they are quite different from each other.  The big factor is the room each offers.  The crew cab has plenty of room when the back seats are pushed up for dog crates.  We would then get a bed cover so that the larger items can be put into the bed of the truck.  I am hoping that this will also give me plenty of room for Bernice and her dog(s) to travel with me too. 

Prayers for Dave as he waits for approval for his surgery and then for a safe surgery and healing. 

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