April 13

Don't want to jinx it, but think two HS fur children have found homes!  More after this coming weekend.

Sad news to report is that Tiny has died.  He was only with his new family a week when he took a spill that he did not recover from.  His family is heartbroken, as am I. 

I think only two of the newer babies will be looking for homes.  Bella's boy (cute darker face!) and Monique's tiny girl.  The boy is on the puppy page and I will be putting girl on sometime this week.  Bella's other girls are staying in Marysville.  One with me and one with a teacher that has Maggie son, called Treasure.  Monique's bigger girl will hopefully be my new AKC show dog when she is older.  Of course have to watch for her development before that the ring is her destiny. 

We get to wear jeans this week to school!  It is a huge deal and makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. 

Romeo will be going back to his home tomorrow.  He has been a pretty good boy, other than digging in my potted tomato plants. 

Vet appointment on Thursday for the three older puppies (3 month olds).  Shot time!

Need to keep going.  Hoping to get some pictures and baths done yet tonight.

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