April 12, 2015

It is getting kind of quiet around here.
Tiny left last weekend and Trey left Friday.  That leaves just King and the 3 older puppies that are ready to leave.

Romeo has been visiting while his new family take a trip.  I guess he does not like tomatoes, as he dug up the tomatoes that are in pots and I bring in to the living room at night.  Dirt was all over this morning! 

Made a bigger area for Bella and her three babies.  Bella is not as happy to stay with them any longer.  I am hoping that if she has a bit more room and they can exercise more, she will be happier.  She can climb out of the pen, but cannot seem (or want??) to climb back in.  I am afraid the babies would go too long without mama if I am gone. 

I still need to get pictures of Leta, Laika, and Darla, so people can see them. 

Worked on receipts today.  Hoping I am caught up for awhile now. 

Just 6 weeks of school left!  Then I need to get caught up on things around here.  It is never ending and hard to get things all done when I work during the week and have to entertain Dave (go where he wants to go, do what he wants to do) on weekends.  I guess I could tell him no, but with me doing dog things in the evenings, it seems we don't get to be together much.  I know, sounds weird when we are in the same house. 


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