March 27

The weekend is here!  We will get to see Dana, Richard, and Jillian, so excited for our time together. 

The babies are all doing great!  We are also dog sitting for a teacher friend.  The dog is bigger than the Biewers but smaller than Emma.  Emma of course does not like the intruder at all! 

So much to do before next Thursday, when we leave for the show!  The dogs are not totally ready.  Baby does not like to stand on the table.  The little girls are not leading very well.  Dreamer acted scared at the vets and at the KC dog show when we went down for the day.  I need to get all of the things for the dogs and myself together. 

I have decided that Leta and Laika are going to be retired.  I will be looking for special retirement homes for them.  They do get along with each other since they are sisters and littermates.  They have been together most of their life.  I did separate them briefly and when they have had puppies they have been separated. They are both sweet girls and love attention.  Their personalities are different.  If you are interested I would be happy to talk to you about these special girls.  They will be spayed before they are rehomed.  There is a chance that Leta is bred, but I do not think it took.   We will be watching her for any signs of puppies. 

Trey seems to have recovered quickly from his neuter this week.  I you know of anyone wanting a nice little dog, he would love to be a lap warmer and have a special person to follow around.

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