April 25

My voice is still not normal, but at least I woke up with enough energy that I am not thinking of when I can go back to bed.  The last few nights have been early to bed and still exhausted in the mornings.  The other night Dave tried talking to me.  He said he touched my foot and even yelled and I did not move at all.  I asked him why he did not call and ambulance and he said he could tell I was still breathing.

Hoping to get ears trimmed on puppies today.  It is a rainy bleak day, so maybe Dave will want to stay home.  4 weeks until summer vacation and I can finally get things done/caught up around her (hopefully)

Even though only two weeks separated the two litters, Bella's babies are a lot bigger than Monique' babies.  Bella's are getting more vocal and demanding and fun to interact with. 

Looking forward to feeling normal and being able to talk!

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