April 27

Left school about 10 am.  Dave's appointment was for 2.  We made it to Salina with plenty of time.  The doctor says he has 2 hernias!  Surgery is Wednesday morning and we should be able to go home that afternoon.  Until then we are in Salina at the kids' home.  Lori and Taylor will take care of the gang in the evenings and Dad will go out to check after puppies in the mornings. 

Dreamer hates his baths, but loves to sleep in bed with us after his baths!  He KNOWS he gets that treat after all of the water, brushing and blow dryer.  Even one day after his bath, he is smelling bad enough that I don't want him in bed with us.  I wish he would not pee on his own back legs!

Pictures are next on my list, as we wait around.

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