April 26, 2015

7 baths, 3 hair cuts. toenails on all of those.  Want to do Dreamer yet tonight.  All of the doggie bed covers have ben changed and washed.  All household laundry done. 

Glad to have some energy!  (plus time at home to get things done).  Dave has been taking it easy.  He has a hernia causing him problems.  He will be going to Salina either tomorrow or Tuesday for a doctor to look at it and then hopefully surgery.  So I will probably be spending a day or two in Salina too. 

Pictures taken of Leta, Laika, Darla, Renny, Robby, Sammy, and Monique's little girl.  I hope to get pictures updated tomorrow.  Weighed everyone but Robby and Renny, but can get them weighed easy enough, if I am home. 

Better keep going and get Dreamer done.  Then I think I am ready for my bath too!  lol

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