March 18

Some laundry, some cleaning.  Still have a way to go. 

I also probably need to go to school and water the young tomato plants that we started from seeds.  I hope they are still living! 

Rearranged expens.  Bella and her babies still in a 3x3 and the younger pups in a 3x6 (when they aren't running loose).  I put together another 3x3 for Monique.  She is due in a bit over a week. 

I need to get pictures taken of all of the puppies.  Darla's boy is just about ready to leave, if his home shows up.  The girls are both staying here for now.  They are quite different from each other.  Bella's boy will be a pet and one of her girls could be a breeder, but not a show dog.  The other girl, I am hoping develops as anticipated.  Her coloring is great.. 

I have paperwork to put in the mail.  So far I have also kept up with tax receipts too.  Hope I can last longer than last year.   

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