March 21

Yesterday the folks, Dave and I took the cabinet to Dereck and Kysha.  We all had lunch, watched a BB game and then came home. 

Walked with Dreamer and Baby. 

Today, Dave and I went to Topeka to the bike show.  It was VERY different than Lincoln's show.  There was no theme for people to stage or decorate their area around the bike.  There was not much for vendors either.  Plus they charge more to get in the door.  I doubt we will ever go back.

Once we got home, I worked with Dreamer and Baby again.  Baby is doing pretty good.  She still wants to lay down when we stop moving.  Then I took Prada and Chubs for their first leash training.  Neither wanted to walk, because they were a bit scared to be outside.  I will keep working with them. 

Puppy watch will begin this next week for Monique.  She is due next weekend.  

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, but of course Monday means Spring Break is over.  State Assessments also start on Monday.  We will have Music and PE in the afternoon instead of the mornings because of the testing schedule.  The school year is on a rapid downward spiral.  Tests, field trip, Tests, theme day, Tests, fun day, Tests and more Tests! 


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