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March 15 

Rode the bike today.  Windy, but pretty nice!

Painted the door trim and window sills in the barn this morning.  Either hair needs to be cut (which it does) or the change in the weather is causing dirty butts.  Had to clean two this morning! 

Hair cuts are on the to do list this week.  I may do a few in the morning, then power wash the cement.  Do a few more, then seal cement.  Tomorrow is the warmest forecasted day this week and the rest of the days may be too chilly to seal the cement. 

Spot may be leaving Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Thursday.  His new family is coming closer to here to pick up seed.  I should know tomorrow.  I made Spot an appointment for his neuter, but he will be leaving before that.  I think that I will have Trey take Spot's appointment.  He is 6 months old, so it is time.  Spot and Tiny will be done once they are with their new families.  We have already talked about here vs. there. 

Made grooming space reservations today.  Just three weeks!!!!   I need to get busy with Baby!  I know that Leslie will have Tater ready.  Dreamer should be good to go with just some practice between now and then. 


March 14 

We went to Topeka today to go to a bike show.  Found out that it is next week.  I have been looking at last year's dates!    Oh well, got some dog food, a dress for the dog show, and a new pair of Spanx!  LOL

Called Vet's today.  They are busy busy next week because Dr. Porter is taking Spring Break off.  Dr. Musil does not have time to come out, so Spot will go in on Tuesday morning for his shots, and then on Friday morning I will take 4 more dogs in. (The ones that need a booster before the show)

Leslie says that Tater is doing great.  She sent pictures of him lounging on the table. 

Baby had let the puppies out of their expen today.  She can open the gates on the Iris pens.  She loves the puppy food, so that is her motivation, not playing with the puppies. 

Not sure what Dave will want to do tomorrow. 


March 13 

Yesterday my baby turned 29!  How can I have a child that old, let alone my youngest???!

Started the day off early.  The alarm went off at 5.  I was out the door with three dogs in tow before 6.  Long drive to downtown KC to the dog show.  I got there just in time to see my friends' shiba inus show.  Bernice aka Lonita, the friend that I traveled with to Florida, had three dogs there.  She showed two and a handler showed the boy that was in Florida.  The handler has had him for several months now and he has taken BOB everytime out except 2 times!  He did it again today! 

The other Shiba friend, is Leslie,  I met her in Florida.  She is a friend of Bernice's and lives in Arkansas.  She helps a handler and is a groomer.  She has shown great interest in the Biewer Terrier and we have been talking.  She is going to take a couple of Biewer puppies and get them trained and groomed to show.  She will show them at any shows she goes to that will allow FSS dogs.  To do this we will co-own the dogs.  She left Tater with her and she will also take one of 9 week old puppies from the Wichita show.    So excited to get Heaven Sent Dogs out there!!!   Leslie is also one of the ladies that helped me groom Dreamer at Orlando.

Dreamer ended up with a dirty behind so he did not get out of his crate much.  To potty is about all, poor boy!  I have found when the dogs need a butt bath they know that something is wrong and act strange.  Dreamer acted completely scared at the dog show and since Florida, this is not like him.   The puppies were rightfully scared.  We put them on the grooming table and carried them around quite a bit.  They also spent some time in their crate, just to chill out in the noisy, bustling atmosphere. 

Arrived home around 7 pm. and of course the first thing was to give Dreamer a bath.  Smells and looks so much better!  Baby seems a bit lost without Tater, so good thing there are other dogs around to help fill the void of her brother and constant companion being gone.  Leslie reports that Tater is doing very well. 

Not sure what will get done the rest of Spring Break.  The next two days will probably be doing whatever Dave wants to do.  I need to call vet and get an appointment for shots this week.  Instead of meeting Spot's new owner in Lincoln, we are going to meet in Beatrice, which is closer.  I still am hoping to shave most of the dogs and work on the watering system.  Of course there is housework and laundry and meals to keep up with too.  So ready for the break and a bit of relaxation, but I hope I don't get too lazy and get some stuff done!

March 10, 2015 

Weather still so nice!  Is it too much to ask for it to continue all through next week too? 

Came home to puppies out.  Baby opens the latches.  Pretty sure they were out most of the day because their pee pad was clean, but outside their pen by the pad had all of poos on the floor.  Did I tell you that they are officially weaned?   The littler girl has so many things that I like, but right now not happy with her tail.  She carries it almost straight up with just a slight curve.  The bigger girl is lighter in color, but has better ears and tail.  I need to decide which one is my keeper. 

Bella is not acting any differently yet.  Still have several days before she is due.

Dreamer is resting at the foot of my bed after his bath and comb out.  I need to band his pony yet, but like for the hair to fully dry first.

Early meeting tomorrow and faculty meeting after school.  Thursday I get my hair colored and cut.  Then Friday Spring Break starts!!!

Want to go to the dog show this weekend to see my friend show and take the young ones for experience, but won't leave Bella if she is ready. 


March 9, 2015 

So nice out today!  Tried walking with the three show dogs.  Of course Dreamer knew what to do.  He gets so excited when I put the lead on him, because he knows we go outside and he get treats for being good.  So funny to watch his joy and excitement.

Tater was next.  He did terrible!  I don't think he walked one step on his own.  Treats did not coax him.  Seeing Emma did not coax him.  Oh well, we will try again tomorrow.  (Only thing we did do was get a bunch of dead leaves stuck in his coat)

Baby did great for her first time.  She walked with me.  Usually a bit behind, but wanted her to have fun and learn to move when I move.  She loved the treats. 

The time change (or maybe lingering of the cold) has me completely worn out!  So tired that I am going to bed early. 

Four days of school this week, so one down and three to go. 

Bella is enjoying extra attention.  Her belly is big, but not huge.  Anxious to see what she and Kingston have!!

Romeo seems to be doing well in his new home.  Crate is dry after being in it, and he peed outside, but came in and pooed on the kitchen rug.  His new mommy was sick over the weekend and he snuggled and kept her warm.  So happy for this little guy and his new family.  Just what they were needing.

March 7 

Romeo's new owner has put a couple of pix on Facebook today.  She also messaged me about his first night.  Sounds like he is settling in very well. 

Spot will be leaving March 19. 

The three babies needed baths today.  Now they smell so good and are so soft and fluffy!  I made their pen bigger since they like to be out and playing.  I am hoping this keeps them a bit happier when I can be around to let them out. 

I have three wire crates side by side in the kitchen for the "show" dogs.  They need to be use to staying in a crate for the show in a month.  First trial today.  Of course Dreamer has spent time in a crate since he went to Florida.  Tater and Baby did not put up too much fuss.  They were in for about 45 minutes the first time.  Then Dave and I went out to ride the trike and I put them back in.  It was a bit after 1 and I knew we would be back before dark, because it cools off very quickly and I am a pansy.  They have been out and playing since about 4:30.  I am going to try tonight in the crates too.  Hope they don't get too noisy!!!

This morning Dave and I did a quick clean of the house.  Living room is picked up and floor cleaned.  Still needs a good dusting.  Kitchen floor had everything moved and then mopped.  The IRIS pens were taken outside and hosed off.  If I were to get them again, I would NOT get white.  They look good now though! 

I often wonder how just two adults can get a house so messy? 


March 6 

The cold has really tired me out this week.  No energy most evenings and to bed early.

If you haven't noticed three dogs have been removed from the puppy page.  Romeo left tonight.  He turned one yesterday and his new mom saying "Yes to the pup" yesterday is any dog's dream.  He has a wonderful home here in town.  I will be able to keep up with his activities.  He has a big golden sister, a couple of cat siblings and even some birds.  Wonderful home!

Tiny was spoken for about a week ago, but will stay here for just a little while. 

Spot was just spoken for yesterday too and will be leaving in the next two weeks. 

One minute I am worried that special homes won't show up and the next they are leaving me almost too quickly!    King, Trey and little Robbie are still looking.   We could have new puppies as soon as late next week!

The 3rd quarter of this school year is now in the books.  I have grades on the computer, lesson plans for next week, helpers and schedule updated for Monday morning.  Ready for the last of the year to begin!  The other good news is that next week there is only 4 days and then Friday is the start of Spring break.

My plan for spring break is to have the vet come out to update everyone's vaccinations, spring haircuts, finish the water line in the barn and to RELAX.  Hope the weatherman is correct and spring temperatures are here!

March 2 

No one even commented (or noticed?) that I had the wrong month on the last post. 

The last week of this quarter started.  Just 3.5 more days and 3/4 of the school year is in the history books.  Can't say this year has been the most pleasant.  I still praise the Lord for the wonderful people I get to work with to help me through some of these trying times.

Been getting a few inquiries for the middle boys, but nothing for King and Romeo.  So sad as these two deserve great homes too. I know their homes will be there when the time is right.  Just a couple of weeks until spring break and summer break will start the end of May.  I will then have more time to spend with them and the rest of the gang here. 

Realized yesterday that I entered one of the babies thinking they would be 4 months old at show time.  WRONG!  they will only be 3 months old.  That is NOT old enough to show.  Not sure what I was thinking or how I figured that wrong??! 

The little puppies are eating hard food.  They even eat the adult food with the bigger kibble when they are running around the kitchen loose.  Anxious about the up coming puppies.  I can't wait to see what little Kingston will produce with my girls.  Pretty sure two girls are expecting his babies. 

Since Eukanuba  I have had a lot more inquiries about breeding girls.  Not sure what all of these people are going to use for boys? 

Time to get everyone settled for the night.  Last check on the babies.

February 26 

Dreamer had a smaller knot today.  Not sure if I just did not get it all or if he is doing something to get the knot on the side of his back leg. 

I ended up putting Darla back with her babies last night.  She did not want to go back in this morning after being out for a bit.  Tonight I let her run around without the puppies loose for several hours.  She is with them and was nursing them when I put her back in a few minutes ago.

Supposed to be a big storm coming.  Dave and I went to Beatrice tonight to get dog food and groceries.  He did not think he could do it tomorrow night and with the predicted snow this weekend we may not get out for a few days.  The store was out of Emma's dog food, except for small bags. They said they would get more tomorrow, but since they are over 30 minutes away that would not do us much good.  I picked out another brand.  I guess we will see if she likes it or gets along as good on the new brand. 

The classroom sounds like a sick ward at a hospital.  Coughing, sneezing, nose blowing, even from the teacher and paras.  lol 


Feb 25 

Tonight several teachers went to the negotiations meeting to support our team.  Unfortunately with my poor hearing, I did not catch most of what was being said.  The team was at a large table and the rest of us were sitting behind them.   I have always known that I do hear better when the person speaking faces me. 

Dreamer, Tater and Baby still got brushed out tonight.  The two younger ones take out their ponytail every day!  I wrapped the holder one tighter tonight, so maybe it will last until they get brushed tomorrow.  Dreamer had a knot in his hair on one back leg.  How does he do that in one day!?

Darla did not want to go back with her babies tonight when I was putting them to bed.  I figured she could go one night as long as they are all back together tomorrow during the day.  The puppies will be 8 weeks old this week.  It will soon be first shot time!

I have caught a cold.  I have a lot of drainage and congestion.  I felt terrible this morning.  I drank my Avocare Spark right away and that seemed to give me the energy I needed.  I am really hooked on the Spark!  I know it has more caffeine than soda, but without the artificial sweeteners and bubbles, I am hoping it is better for me.  The vitamins don't hurt me either.   I am going to look into more of the products.  I did sign up to be a distributer, but only to help out a teacher friend that was needing to sign someone up.  I am NOT going to do this for a money making scheme.  Just thought it would be nice to purchase it at a reduced rate, while helping a friend out.

Two days left this week and then next week is the end of the third nine weeks already!  Just one quarter to go and it will be filled with lots of testing.  ACT Aspire, State Assessments and STAR.  Poor kids are going to be so glad for summer and to be done with tests!

February 24 

Found out there is a show in KC in just a couple of weeks.  I can't show there, but would be able to take the puppies to experience the show atmosphere. 

Day two of show grooming!  Hope to keep it up.  Tater and Baby are getting better about standing on the table.  Baby still wants to lean and sit. 

Dentist appointment, drug store and then to the tax place.  We got a notice from Kansas that our amount was not right.  I wanted to make sure that Kansas was right before sending it in.  Yep, the tax preparer had put my NEA dues in as my KPERS payment.  Made a $100 difference in the amount we have to pay in.  Unfortunately it is $100 more.

The puppies are growing quickly.  They play so much more now.  They are not so happy to be in the puppy pen and beg to get out to play and run.  They are eating on the adult food too.  They are used to their tiny puppy food, so a bit more chewing goes into the adult food.  I taped ears tonight.  I think we have a total of 2 ears up so far, just not on the same head.

Sad week at school as the people that were fired are now starting to leave.  Today was one of the last days as they take their leave days for the rest of the week.  One lady has to work all of this week because they have dealt with health issues in the family that used up her leave days.  Next week things will change, as we have less coverage for the students needing more help.

If you haven't looked at the puppy page recently, I did get the pictures updated Sunday.  Young Robby along with the other boys that are available.  They old pictures are still there.  The new ones have a colored ponytail holder in their hair. 


February 23 

My goal from now until the dog show is to brush/groom the three older show dogs and stack on the table EVERY evening.  I won't be able to do much leash training until it warms up or if I take them into school, so I am hoping to have them stacking well.  I also need to get started on the two baby girls, until I decide which one I am taking. 

I have been drinking Avocare Spark for about a month now.  I do not crave the soda that I used to.  In fact, on weekends when I get a soda, it no longer tastes as good.  The Spark keeps my energy up and I try to start the day with it to get me going.  I am not much of a morning person, and I feel this helps.  They have products to help with weight and have been thinking of trying them.  I will let you know if I do and how it turns out.  I need to lose a few pounds before the show, so I don't split my skirts!  lol

I heard from one of the sponsoring clubs that they received my entries.  Getting closer each day!!  (Can't tell I am excited, can ya?)

Full week of school and after school activities. 

Feb 22, Sunday 

9 dogs baths today!  Dreamer, Tater, Baby, Romeo, Kingston, King, Tiny, Trey and Spot. Also trimmed ears and feet and shortened toenails.  Updated pictures, sent pictures of Tiny to his new mom and the baby girls to a friend.  Forgot to get pictures of Dreamer, Tater, and Baby.  Kingston needs pictures for registration and I officially put baby Robbie on the available page.  He is charting to be 6 pounds, but these babies are so round!  It will be interesting to see if the estimated weights drop once they are weaned.  They will be 8 weeks old this week!  Time to worm them again. 

A full week of school this week.  Also have dental appointment on Tuesday and want to go to a negotiations meeting on Wednesday.  I think the other evenings are free to get things done around here. 


February 20 

Made it through another week.  Our oldest turned 32 this week.  That really makes me feel old!  How can I have a child that old when I don't feel much older most days?  (Not mornings, as I feel about 101 then!  LOL)

It is official, Tiny has found his home!!!  Just waiting on final arrangements.  He will be going to Colorado, but won't be leaving for a little bit.

Winter is holding on.  Bad weather is supposed to be here again tonight and tomorrow.  There is only one more week of February, so Spring, hurry up and get here!!!!  I want to cut down several dogs, but won't do it while it is so cold.  I don't like bathing, even though we have heat (of course) because I feel that the dogs and puppies chill easier when there can be drafts and a chill in the air. 

Membership renewals for BTCA have been sent in.  Now I am waiting for some printed materials to send out to the renewed members.  I am not even sure what size of envelopes to have ready.  I guess I can get the labels all ready, so I just need to stuff and label envelopes. 

About ready to hit the hay for tonight.  If we are at home tomorrow, I want to get baths and photos taken.   


February 19, 2015 

It has been almost a week since the ax fell upon USD 364.  We are told more cuts to come, but we are not sure when.  There have been 5 days cut from our calendar.  Student will get out one day early and they will also have 4 other days off for a long weekend.  Teachers may also get two of those days off if we don't use them as snow days before then.

Tiny has likely found his home.  I have been talking with his new mom via Messenger.  Waiting for his deposit before officially removing him from my available puppies. 

The three little puppies received their first baths yesterday.  One of the girl has gotten quite a bit of dandruff.  She is only 7 weeks old, so I can use much on her yet.  They are playing quite a bit now.  They enjoy time to romp around the kitchen.  They are still nursing, but they are also eating hard food.  I haven't given them anything soft or softened for over a week now. 

It is so cold here right now.  We have about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground.  A bit melted yesterday, but that formed a slick sheet of ice that did not melt today at all. 

Sent off the show entries today.  Just over a month until we load up to go show off my babies!   So excited.  Now I need to get serious with my diet! 

February 15, 2015 

Hard week at school this last week and more hard times to come.  I am sure most of you have heard about Kansas's Governor Brownback.  He and our legislators have cut school's already tight budgets for this year.  My small school district needs to cut over $180,000 just for the remainder of this year.  This has meant cuts to secretaries, and paraprofessionals (teacher aids).  Custodians hours are also being cut.  The building I am in is losing three paras and 1/2 a secretary.  One of these ladies is three years from retiring and has worked at the school for over 20 years.  I am so saddened by the loss of part of my school family, but even more worried about what is coming next.  They have told us that before next school year they need to cut 5-8 teachers.  Three have already volunteered to retire, so that leaves 2-5 more that will be forced out.  I am worried for myself and others that have given our whole career to this district.  Most of us have sent our own children to the public schools, been active in the community and many are natives to this area.  No thoughts are being given to the best education for the students, only to cutting the budget.  I am scared because I have taught her for 25 years, so I am a higher paid teacher. 

Please pray for all of the good people that are being displaced.  Pray that they find a way to support their families in this small community that does not have many opportunities for employment.  Pray that Kansas leaders will come to their senses and support our schools.  It makes me embarrassed to say I am from Kansas and an educator.  Kansas has no regard for educators in our state and they are quickly proving they don't care about educating our youth. 

On a higher note, Darla's babies are getting really cute!  The boy will be looking for a home, but I still need to decide about the girls.  I also think that Bella will be having babies in just over a month.  Nothing for sure, she is just feeling a bit fuller.  I may have to have an adoption fee sale to find the current older boys homes.  Romeo and King will soon be a year old and Trey, Tiny, and Spot are quickly approaching 6 months.  I wish people desired the boys as much as they did the girls.  These are some great babies that someone is missing out on.  They deserve to be spoiled and loved much more than I can give them with the rest of the pack here. 

Starting to plan things for the show in April.  I need to make sure I have enough crates.  People usually leave a crate for each dog at the show grounds.  I think I will take an expen for the hotel room, but need crates to go between hotel and show grounds. 

In-service tomorrow at school.  I hope they have some good news for us, but not counting on it.


February 8, 2014 

It has been awhile since the last post.  The email was down for almost a week!  Unfortunately, all past emails, puppy applications, and correspondence was lost.  Also any emails sent to me form a week ago Saturday until mid Thursday have not been delivered.  If you have been trying to get ahold of me, PLEASE try again now that the email should be working again. 

BeGe has found her forever home.  She is close enough, that I will hopefully get to see her some.

Had a wonderful birthday weekend, spending time with my kids.  I am sure that is what most mothers really want, is to spend time with their children, how could they not? 

I have started working with Baby and Tater (yup, changed the little boy's name AGAIN!  lol)  We have been working on standing on the table.  I should have worked with the leash this weekend.  Baby also went to PetCo and TSC.  She was a bit scared at first, but settled in to riding in the cart at TSC.  The dog show is less than 2 months away now.  Hard to believe it will be coming so soon!  I want to take one of Darla's babies too, but she will have to have the quick Dog show course over Spring break. 

5 boys still needing homes.  Romeo and King, then Spot, Trey and Tiny. 

I have started on the water system for the barn.   We also bought a new heater for the barn. 

Three girls have been in heat in the last month and now I think 4 more are coming into heat.  No way are they all going to be bred.  I cannot handle 7 litters at one time, even if I was home all the time.  Bella is hopefully bred, since she has not had a litter in a 18 months.  I also need to breed Laika, so I can give a puppy back to her breeder.

Should know more in a few weeks!

January 25 

Darla and babies are doing great!  They are such big fat babies!  I took them out of the whelping box the other day.  They are sticking pretty close to the bed, but do venture out some.  I have been throwing around names for the babies.  Not sure what do send in yet.

Tiny has new pictures on his slide show.  I have a red garland with hearts for Valentines' Day.  I did not put a bow on this time, so he has the fuzzy look. 

Tiny and his brother, Turbo, got baths tonight.  Only 4 more puppies to go and then to do Romeo and King.  A lady that is interested in a Biewer and is a groomer told me what I need to do to make them a bit cuter.  May be beyond my abilities!

Filled out paperwork today for Kingston's registration and the upcoming show.  I need to get Turbo an Baby's papers back from AKC to fill out numbers. 

This week is parent conference week again.  Not looking forward to working until 9 two nights, but having Friday off will be nice!


Jan 12/13 

The puppies are growing nicely.  The darker one, a girl already has her eyes open.  They are very content puppies.  They don't fuss in the box or when I pick them up. 

Bella is coming into heat.  She has not had a litter since Dreamer, so I guess it is time if nature and God allow.  Dreamer does not care that Bella is his mom.  He is not happy at all.  The kitchen has pens set up to keep dogs separated.  Most of the time Bella and Kingston are each in a pen.  This allows Dreamer to wander, but when Bella gets her roam time, then Dreamer has to go to her pen.  Kingston cannot be out with Bella or Dreamer right now with Bella in heat, so he is next on the rotation. 

I have been making lists for vaccinations, OFFA exams, and registrations.  I am going to get the vet out here for their semi annual visit. 

Testing starts tomorrow.  This will be the first time to take ACT Aspire.  We have two weeks with this test, then in March we have State Assessments and then ACT Aspire again in April/May.

Ria is suppose to be leaving this weekend.  Tax appointment is Saturday morning too.  Hoping there are no conflicts.

January 8, 2015 

Look what came today!!!

Wish Dreamer's coat was longer, but not looking too bad considering I had it cut down in April.  So proud of him, no matter how long his coat is.   We are looking forward to our next AKC FSS show. 

Took four of the puppies to the vet tonight for the third puppy shot.  I thought the transporter was coming this weekend, but she finally contacted me and told me she is planning on next weekend.  Waiting for her to decide when really messes up my schedule.  I did not plan anything for this weekend, even though I need to get the vet out here to give quite a few shots to the gang.  Now I cannot plan it for next weekend either.  We do have our tax appointment next weekend and I will NOT cancel that since we have had it over a year and the accountant does not take new clients because of scheduling. 

We have had supper with Dereck the last couple of nights.  He is working just 20 minutes from here.  Kysha will be here starting tomorrow and all next week.  Dereck goes back to Salina sometime this weekend. 

The cold weather has us using space heaters to try to keep warm.  Many schools around here either canceled school or had late starts the last couple of days.  We had two full days of school though. 

The new babies are doing great and gaining a lot.  They may outgrow their mama!  lol

Testing starts next week.  Not looking forward to that.   Would rather teach than have the schedule all messed up.

January 6, 2015 

Back to school for two days now.  Many are wondering if there is a late start or school cancelled tomorrow because of the cold temperatures that are predicted.

We had a wonderful Christmas this last weekend.  It is so fun to watch the grand daughter open her gifts and then play with them.  She made her dad a rubberband bracelet from the loom we gave her.  It took her 2.5 hours and she stuck with it.  I was impressed with the determination from a 7 year old.  The best gift of all was being able to spend time with the kids and their families.  This does not happen very often anymore. 

Darla did have three babies on Friday.  They are doing very well so far.  I will post pictures soon, maybe tonight.  2 girls and a boy.

Romeo and King have new haircuts.  I told the groomer cute, but our ideas of cute must be different.  At least it will grow back out.  These two boys will make great pets for someone.  Hopefully their new homes will show up, but you all know that they will not go unless the right home shows up.  Romeo's pictures have been updated and I will do King soon.

Got a call today from the lady that contacted me on Christmas Eve about Mira.  She did not buy her, but was told by the pet store that Mira had been bought by someone else when they went back two days later.  I would LOVE to hear from her new family.  

Ria is supposed to leave this weekend.  Not sure which day or what time.  Yep, the transporter is taking her to her new home.   

People are starting to look for show dogs.  I think the Meet the Breed and showing in Florida is helping to get the word out about the Biewer Terrier.  Most of you know my feelings about show and breeding dogs with the Heaven Sent name.... I will not place a dog as a show/breeding prospect unless I would be willing to keep them myself.  That dog has my name associated with it, so I want only the best representation.  That does not make my pets any less quality, maybe better quality than some breeders, because they sell most of their dogs as breeding/show dogs.  So what I consider as a pet might be one of their show dogs. 

Hoping for the day off to spend more time with the puppies!  They enjoy every minute I can give them and create so much joy for me!


Happy New Year! 

Welcome 2015!   I hope for a wonderful year for all of the Heaven Sent family all over the US.

I updated 4 puppy pictures tonight.  They are right below the regular puppy pictures and are a slide show for each puppy.  I am thinking of doing this type of picture for each puppy from now on.  Please let me know what you think.  These are the only 4 puppies that are still available.  I will get King and Romeo's pictures updated after their grooming appointment next week.  They are getting puppy cuts. 

I am still waiting on Dreamer's show photo.  Hoping I could share it with you by now. 

Today I made some snacks for our Christmas this weekend.  Chocolate covered peanuts made in the crockpot, snack mix, and Hello Dolly bars.  Of course I also gave 4 puppy baths.  I still need to do their ears and toenails.  Trey did get his ears trimmed because one ear is getting floppy.  Tape may be in his future, but hoping the trim will do the job.  His ear was up Tuesday!  I have been trying to do a bit of cleaning too, since I have to be back to work on Friday.  I have REALLY become used to not working (outside our home) with the dog show and winter break. 

Purged some things from the refrigerator.  out of date items and bottles with barely anything in them are now history.  Dave and I bought a new refrigerator for our Christmas present to each other.  The current one still works, but the gasket is cracked in places, the ice maker and dispenser do not work and it is 26 years old!  The new one does not come until the middle of January, but so excited. 

Still on puppy watch.  Darla may be taking a trip with us this weekend.  I will not leave her to have puppies alone. 

I started a Christmas village for Jillian this year.  I picked up a store and a couple of trees on clearance for 75% off.  Will probably go ahead and give them to her this year since we have not done Christmas yet. 

Need to keep going, so I can get to bed soon!  Happy New Year!!

December 29, 2014 

This year is quickly coming to an end.  It has been great hearing from HS puppy families.  Makes me happy to know that the majority of my puppies and dogs have had good matches with their new homes, but unfortunately the two puppies that are in homes that I would not approve does weigh heavy on my heart.  There is a little male from many years ago, that ended up in a filthy home.  I was told that this person checked out by another Biewer person, but later found out from another person that the stench hit you as soon as you opened your car door.  I tried to get this boy back, but was unable to do so.  I learned from this situation and now include a damage clause in my agreement.  Mira was given to her current home that now has her in a pet store.  I did not have an agreement signed because no money changed hands and we had a verbal agreement that she would come back to me if it did not work out.  I failed both of these dogs.  I have no one to blame, but myself.  I have learned that EVERY dog leaving will have an agreement signed and a damage clause attached, even if no money was given for the dog.  I do know that contracts don't always hold much value, because of a lady that would not honor a contract that we had and let me buy a puppy back from a girl she adopted at a pet price.  I am too trusting or gullible, not sure which.  Dealing with dishonest people has made me more jaded and cautious, but not enough. 

Hoping 2015, brings only wonderful and loving homes for all of my babies and retirees. 

Still on puppy watch with Darla.  No signs of whelping anytime soon (other than a big belly! lol)  
Found out today that Ria will probably be leaving in just over a week.  Also that Dexter (Murphy/Bella) has been having some GI issues and really scared his mommy.
I need to get pictures emailed to me compiled so I can post for everyone to see some of the HS babies all grown up.

I have tried wrapping Dreamer twice now.  He gets REALLY matted when I wrap, but does not on a day to day basis without the wraps.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  The wraps are only in for 2 days at a time.  I am sure he is losing more hair with the matted wraps than he normally would.  I need to figure out a day to just keep it all out of his way.  I am open for wrapping or banding suggestions!!!   I have ordered some "miracle" dematting and hair growing things today.   I will let you know how they work once they come. 

I think tomorrow I will go visit my Shiba friend.  Thursday I pick up Kingston, Murphy's son.   I may get to see Tobi if they bring him along.  Kingston is pretty small, so hoping my smaller girls come into heat and I can try him out.  I will need to get his AKC papers, he is already BTRA registered. 

Excited to have our families' Christmas this weekend.  I will get to see Willie (Tank) with our grand daughter.  I have heard they are getting along super and that Willie is doing great with potty training, so far!   Presents are ready and stockings are filled.  The grown up children asked for large items for Christmas, so they already have the money or the item.  Lots and Lots of gifts for the grand daughter though. 

It is about time to get pictures of the puppies again.  Hopefully Wednesday.....  Ria had her bath yesterday and sent her mommy pictures.  Just the rest of the gang to go!

December 26 

Received a package today from Jazzy's (now called Paisley) mom and dad.  It was full of clip on bows in two sizes.  This surprise was so needed today, as I am still so upset about Mira, but this package reminded me of all of the great homes that most of my babies have.  I should not let this one bad home ruin it.  I checked references, I made this home promise that Mira would come back if she did not work out, I contacted her several times to ask about Mira's behavior and such. Those of you that know me, know that Mira being in a pet store upsets me, as I don't ever want my babies on wire or in tiny cages.  (crate training is different, as the dog does not LIVE in it). 

Rewrapped Dreamer today.  After just 2 days in wraps there were mats.  He can go longer without brushing when not wearing wraps, but I need to get some length to his coat.   Poor boy gets to wear a pink satin coat, since that is the only satin one I have. It does help protect the wraps. 

Tank went to live with my grand daughter.  She was so tickled and just KNEW that Santa was going to bring her a puppy!  lol  Tank slept with her in bed all night.  Hope he continues to be a good boy.  He is such a friendly, but laid back boy.  Almost more mature than his 14 week age.  Playing with the remaining puppies really give insight into their personalities.  Most are jumping all over me, but will leave to play with a toy.  Some like to sit within arms reach, but play with toys or watch.  They enjoy a belly rub, but don't like the crowd I guess.  One girl wants to be held.  She will jump on me, but when I told her she just relaxes.  

Puppy watch begins for Darla.  This is her first litter, with a due date of late next week.  Had her prebirth bath today.  Will shave her belly tomorrow or maybe later tonight. 

BTCA is having a booth at meet the breed in NYC on February 14.   Looked into going to help, but between just the flight and the hotel for one night it is going to cost me what the whole 2 weeks going to Florida cost.  I will still need to get around and eat.  I know they are looking for people to help and haven't had much response, if any. 

Can you believe the computer is still working?  I can't!  It charges, which was the problem before.  Not sure why or how it is starting to work, but am so glad.  I hope I just did not jinx the thing!  I need it to do my tax stuff on!  I was dreading working after school hours, so I could use the school computer to input all of the receipts.

Dave is on call this weekend, so we can't go anywhere.  I plan on visiting a friend next week.  I am also going to pick up a Murphy son to come live here next week sometime too.  Otherwise, I have to get ready for Dana and Richard to come after the New Year.  We are supposed to have our Christmas next weekend. 

I really need to decide which, if any puppies I am keeping.  With the show in early April, I need to start on their show training.  Don't want to push them too much, so short times on the table and leash training as weather allows.  I will probably be using the school hallway to leash train, like I did with Dreamer and his gang.