March 23

Monique had her puppies this morning!  She has two girls.  One is SO tiny, so praying that she is healthy.  This is Kingston's second litter with me.  He seems to throw dark bodies babies. All heads are marked nicely too.  As they mature we will see if they take after him in size.  The two mothers are very different.  Bella is larger and a darker dog herself, while Monique is a lot smaller and is blue instead of black. 

Because of the babies, I was not able to go to school until later in the morning.  I arrived in time for the testing.  This is a big deal, because we had to go through training to be a proctor for the tests.  The principal was ready to step in for me if I did not make it back, because the substitute was not trained. 

Rain has been coming down since last evening.  It is much needed because it is so dry.  It does create more work though.  mud and dogs thinking they cannot go outside to potty mean more mopping and pick up.  Then if they do go out the beds get damp and dirty quicker too. 

Hump day tomorrow!  This week's test should be half done already, with make up tests on Friday.  Of course that will just be the State Assessment Reading/Language Arts.  Several WEEKS to go! 

Heading to bed soon, so need to go tuck the gang in for the night and do last minute pick ups.

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