May 3

Got my flowers planted today.  Then mowed the lawn.  The grass was so tall by the barn that I killed my good hose!  Will teach me not to roll it up.  I am usually so good about putting it away too.  Dave probably wishes he can get his surgery and heal soon, so that I won't be driving "his" lawn mower.  It had been years since I mowed.  Dave did feed and water dogs while I was mowing. 

Pretty warm today.  We turned the ceiling fans on and have opened a few windows. 

Bella's babies enjoy romping around the kitchen.  They don't seem to terrorize the older dogs like some puppies do, but it is still early.  I am sure they will find out it is fun to jump on others soon enough.  Monique's puppies seem to really like the softened hard food.  They ate with gusto again today.

Just a few weeks of school left.  Looking forward to spending times with the babies and the rest of the gang.  I really want to get the big outdoor play area finished off.  Then they can play safely away from Emma and have space to run. 


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