May 2

Typical Saturday.  We went to Lincoln to look at vehicles.  Not finding anything that we can agree on, so the search will continue.  Showing us that a new vehicle is REALLY needed, the gas gauge on the car went out while we were in Lincoln.  We added gas to the car to make sure that it had not all leaked out.  We could see no drips at all.  The gauge went to 1/2 full and remains there, even though the tank was full and not it is not. 

I did get my bedding flowers for my hanging baskets.  Will probably plant them tomorrow unless it is raining.

Monique's babies got their first softened food tonight.  They have had the hard stuff in their expen and I have seen them try nibbling on it.    Bella's babies got this softened food instead of canned tonight.  They seem to like it just as much as the canned.  Wish they would attack the hard stuff the same way! 

Monique's babies are good about peeing on the pee pad, but their poos are still in random places.  Can't believe they will be 8 weeks old this next week! 


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