March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Started out with an 8:30 appointment for Spot.  Then we came home and finished packing his things up and trimmed up his feet.  Off to Beatrice to meet up with his new family.  I was early, so stopped at the Dollar Tree and picked up a few things for home and school.  I shopped at TSC with Spot riding around in the basket.  Dog food, dog toys, and even a dog puzzle that you put treats in then they have to open. 

Paula and I talked for awhile, and we probably could have talked even longer.  They had other business in Beatrice though. 

Worked on registrations and other paperwork this afternoon.  Only have gotten one load of laundry done.  Guess what needs to be first tomorrow!? 

Friday, I am going with my parents to see Dereck and Kysha.  The folks gave the kids an old medical office cabinet for a graduation gift from medical school.  It had been in Dad's first office.  It has been sitting in the folk's living room since the kids graduated, two years ago.  We have just never found the time to take it down with them off and the folks home.  Finally will get it where it needs to be.  

So in reality, I have only three more days to get things done around here!  Dave will have things he wants to do over the weekend.    How many weeks until Summer Vaca?  

Less than three weeks until dog show!!!   I/we are no where near ready for that either!

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