Thanksgiving, early AM

Fancy is being retrained to the crate in prep for the upcoming trip.  I am away at 2 am because of her barking.  I took her out to see if she needed to potty, then back into the crate for more crying.   I don't want to jinx myself, but she just quieted down.  Hopefully to sleep through the rest of the night.

Went to see Tater and my friend yesterday.  Took Fancy with me, as she was getting car sick on the trip to Colorado.  She did very well yesterday!  no gooey mouth, no getting sick! 

Today is going to be pretty uneventful for us.  We are sticking close to home for two reasons.  Dave has gout in his hand and we will see our son and his wife on Saturday.  Won't get to see daughter's family.  I have planned some cleaning, rearranging, and hopefully some painting.

Just ordered on line a Black Friday item from Target.  That is the extent of my BF shopping!  lol  We have done some BF shopping in the past, but not like the hard core people that camp out or hit the stores when they open at 6 am.  CRAZY! 

Our insurance company is a well known company, but they are giving us terrible service.  They don't sent out the policy with the ID cards for the cars.  They send out notices that the membership is late when we never received a notice that it was due. The premiums went up without prior notice, and we haven't had a claim, plus we took full coverage off two of the cars.  I called the office two weeks ago and asked why it went up.  The lady said she would pull our file and call me back.  Still waiting for that call! 

Kitchen saga--- The counter top was not cut and ready for pick up on Tuesday evening.  So we get to wait until next week for the install of the counters and the rest of the cabinets.  The tile guy informed me that he has to have surgery, so December 14 is the earliest that he will be able to put the tile in.  Told me that the kitchen is "livable" without the tile.  I asked about the appliances, since they go in AFTER the tile.  He told me that I can have everything but the dishwasher installed and they would just move the stove and refrigerator.  I think I am in the twilight zone of remodeling!   Sure wish something was completely done!  Outside needs gutters and a column.  Kitchen needs just about everything, including trim and a doorway, plus the half bath installed.  Spare bedroom needs floor done, fan put in, and I need to paint some trim.  Bathroom has not been started.  Our bedroom needs to be cleared out so the floor can be sanded and finished. 

The girls have had a lot of interest, but no one has said the final yes.  I am going to try to put the videos that I took on the website.  They are short, but at least they show the girls. 

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