November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! 

It has been over a year since I have posted on my blog.  I have shared noteworthy and eventful things on FB.   When I started the blog several years ago, I was hoping that people would join…

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March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Spring Break is almost over. :-(

The  dogs have had their annual beauty day, except for Wolfi still needs a hair cut.  I also need to do a few ear trims and toe nails that were…

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February 7, 2016

The gang all got to run and play in the yard (fenced) on Saturday.  The weather was cold, but warmer than it had been.  No snow on the ground, but the dirt was still a bit muddy and of course…Read more

January 29 Kansas Day

The last week or so has been a mix of weather.  Snow to 50 degrees today.  We are supposed to get a huge storm next week.

Midi, AKA Bronwyn, went to her forever home on Saturday.  We got to visit…Read more

January 19, 2015 Tuesday

Big news today is that the three puppies I have recently gotten have all passed the coat color analysis testing.  No chocolate, so ready for the next tests.... the MARS test to make sure they are purebred Biewer Terriers.  Then…Read more

January 14

This week has flown by.  I need to get serious about finding the boys their forever homes.  They are so playful right now, that just being around them makes me smile. 

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January 6, 2015

It has been an eventful week.  I had one of my smaller moms promised to a forever home, but they have decided not to adopt her.  If you know of someone willing to adopt an older (about 5 years) girl…Read more

January 1, 2016

Why cannot technology and I be better buddies?   I took some pictures of the puppies and tried to email them out to interested people.  The emails will not leave my phone!  I was able to text some pictures and a…Read more

December 27

We spent most of the day taking the bathroom apart.  Dave took toilet out.  I helped him with the vanity.  I also took mirror, towel bars, shelf,  tp holder, shower door frame, and anything else screwed into the wall down…Read more

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to Friends, Family, HS Family, and Fans!
I hope everyone's Holidays are a time of family and joys. 

As a Christian, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birth and the gift that God has given to man.
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Wednesday, December 23

The package that was supposed to arrive today has not.  So now I have nothing for my dil for Christmas, unless it arrives tomorrow morning.

Busy day today.  Groceries bought, last gift for my parents bought.  Prepared most of our…Read more

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Off of school for Christmas Break (even if they do call it winter break!) 

Started with an MEA meeting to discuss the unilateral contract that the board has presented to the teachers.  It is not good news, so now each…Read more