Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Off of school for Christmas Break (even if they do call it winter break!) 

Started with an MEA meeting to discuss the unilateral contract that the board has presented to the teachers.  It is not good news, so now each teacher needs to decide if we will sign it, stack it (not sign and work under last year's contract), or resign.    The third choice is not really a choice for me.  So I have to either sign it and be happy with any changes to health insurance and leave days or  stack it and not get the whopping $300 raise they offered.  Hmm....  If they change insurance it could cost me a lot more than the $300 that I would gain.  If I stack my contract, then my insurance will stay as is without any changes until things can be negotiated again.  So much for feeling appreciated for the hard work put in each day! 

Came home to the appliance guys waiting on me, even though I had told them that they could proceed without me.  They have the microwave installed.  Seem to be having difficulty with the dishwasher.  The stove should be a breeze! (I am hoping!)

Realized that I need to get toothbrush heads for the electric toothbrushes yet.  I put them into stocking each year since the heads can get expensive for the kids. 

Getting hungry for some lunch, but will wait until the guys leave to get anything.  It is already after 3:00, so it may be an early supper or just a snack before supper!

I am hoping for some time to take pictures of puppies and bath dogs.  My new tub was leaking the other day. (first time I used it).  I peeled both layers of caulking off and then yesterday put new on.  I hope my caulk job will hold the water in.   It will be so nice to have the huge tub to bath in! 

Need to clean up some of the dust around here before the kids come.  Also need to make a grocery list, so I have all of the items needed for our dinner.

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