Very icy here today.  Was going to run into town, but the ice has me rethinking that.
The dogs and I are just hanging out.  I need to get our bedroom organized again. 
Wish I had an area for the older puppies that was safe.  They are getting so playful and could use a bit extra room to romp and play.  The little puppies are crawling out of their box now, so time to get them a big pup bed and the whelping box out of there.

Still getting inquiries about the puppies, but their special homes have not been found or have not committed to a pup. 

If the weather cooperates, we will be on the road tomorrow.  Back home in the afternoon/evening. 

Need to get started on the packing for Florida.  I don't want to forget anything, but with the huge trade show and a Wal-Mart nearby, I am sure I can pick up whatever I forget.

Have I said before that I wish the construction was done?   I am sure the fur gang does too.  We are all ready to get back to "normal" whatever that means for us.

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