As of right now all of the babies are available.  Pip and Baby are still looking for their forever homes, for those of you that have asked about either of these girls.
Baby weighs in at 5 pounds at one year, 2 months.  Pip weighs 1.7 pounds at 6 months 2 weeks.  Midi is also ready to go.  The two tiny girls had their last puppy shot and a check up with an American vet.  Pip's right knew is a little loos and Midi's left knee is a bit loose. She also has an open fontenelle.  Both girls are going to be tiny and likely under 3 pounds as adults.  Baby has been shown AKC/FSS and has gotten a couple of points.  It is possible that Baby can be spayed before she leaves, if I have enough notice to get it scheduled.  Delivery to Orlando is possible on December 10.

The spare bedroom has a new ceiling.  They need to paint it yet.  I washed down the walls tonight and Dave patched nail holes and cracks.  Tomorrow I hope to get it painted.  It is getting closer to being done!  The floor will likely not be done for awhile, so we won't be putting stuff back in for awhile.  The contractor is going to hang the heater in the barn next week.  Then we need an electrician and also the propane people to get everything hooked up.

No mention of when the kitchen counter will be in since they wrecked their delivery truck.  So sad that the counter and cupboards will not be done for Thanksgiving break.  I was hoping to get everything back into the kitchen.  Once I know when the counters and cabinets will be done, I can start calling the flooring people and get them moving.  The tile should be in.  Also need to tell Sears to get our appliances in and get an install date.  Can't wait to have my kitchen back!!!

Only two days of school next week.  Then Fancy and I are going to go see my friend that is going to show Tater.  Tater has been staying with her. 

The numbers for the show were listed today and there is suppose to be 9 Biewer Terriers.  Tater will have 2 other boys in his class.  Fancy will be the youngest girl and then there is 4 older girls.  The other dog is a boy puppy.  Fingers crossed that the Heaven Sent gang shows well!!!!  Excited about going and being with other Biewer Terrier people.  Sometimes wonder if I should be taking Dreamer since he did so well last year. 

Most of the AKC/FSS shows that have been listed for next year are a long distance away.  There is one in Denver, but it is only one day.  A long way to go for just one day and one show.  I much prefer the 2 or 3 shows on as many days.  It just makes the travel seem worth it. 


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