Today was busy, just not doing what I wanted to do!  Paid bills, got a call from a lady that had seen one of my pictures with an ad on a for sale website.  The ad was not mine.  So I reported the ad and wrote to the person and told them to remove it too.  Then Dave was working on the spare bedroom.  He expected me to help him.  We got all of the wallpaper off, the carpet up, the tackboard and staples out of the floor.  The two closets cleaned out.  They were full of our kids' things.There is still the carpet in the closets to pull up.  Dave can do that tomorrow, as well as get the remaining things out of the room.  This means that the living room is full of boxes and the mattresses.

I did weigh Bella's babies today.  The largest boy was 1#11oz.  The girl and the other boy are 1#7oz.  Pretty big for 4 weeks!  Especially considering that Pip only weighs 1#12oz at 6 months! 

I told Dave that I HAVE to get dogs bathed and pictures taken tomorrow! 


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