November 7

The babies are growing like weeds.  Three weeks tomorrow and Bella wants to spend more time away from them each day. 

I hope to have another announcement this week.  Maybe I can get pictures of all the new ones too. 

School is going well.  The interim testing is done.  Made it a long week though.  Now to get back into our regular schedule again.

Kitchen is just starting to come together.  I have painted all of the walls and the closet.  The kitchen 1/2 bath needs paint yet.  They started putting the cabinets in on Thursday.  Found out that the carpenter extended the soffit too far.  He had to come back on Friday and shorten it.  The counter top people will be here on Monday to measure for the granite.  It will take it 2 weeks to be ready to put on.  Then the rest of the cabinets and the crown molding can be installed.  I was also told by the tile people that they did not order the tile and it will be at least two weeks before it is here.  So, it looks like three weeks minimum before we are back into the kitchen. 

Dave started painting the stairway walls today.  We picked out a gray and it is darker than I thought.  Almost looks black.  Dungeon anyone?

Not sure if I am ready for the upstairs to be torn apart!  I am ready for dogs to be back in the house.  It is kind of quiet, even though Bella and her babies are in the bedroom with us. 

I will try to get pictures of the puppies.  I am thinking of keeping the girl, so that will mean the two boys may be looking for homes. 


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