Monday, October 26

The babies are officially a week old (last night).  They are do great.  All are fat and content babies.  Bella is leaving them for short (very short) breaks.  She goes outside to potty and right back in. 

Made it through the first night of conferences.  Tomorrow is a full moon and the students are excited about Halloween this weekend and of course the party on Thursday.  Might be a long week even though it is only 4 days.

I wish I could see some changes in the kitchen when I get home.  I can tell the guys were out here, but can't really see any changes.  I guess they are mudding and sanding.  Hoping it all works out for the cupboards next week!  I haven't told the appliance people that we are ready yet, because we need the tile in before the appliances.  Seems like such a slow process. 

Dave had to take care of dogs tonight.  Murphy had a dirty bottom, but did not want Dave to get close to him.  Dave has never been a favorite of Murphy.  Needless to say, Dave had to corner him and then grab at him.  Not good, as Murphy bit Dave and drew blood.  Murphy was fine for the bath part and did not fight Dave after he was picked up.  I told Dave that he likely hurt Murphy when he had to grab him so quickly.  I am sure it seemed to Dave like Murphy was getting all of the sympathy. 

October is almost gone.  Thanksgiving and Christmas will quickly be approaching.  My time does fly. 

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