October 25

The three babies are doing very well so far.  They are growing and fat!

The kitchen is completely gutted.  They have been repairing wall damage (from me taking off the wainscot paneling).  Floor in the half bath is repaired.  The mud will hopefully be dry enough for them to prime the wall.  We bought paint today, so hoping to get the kitchen painted this week.  The cement board is to go down this week, then next week the cupboards.  I can't wait to see them in the kitchen!!!  So excited!  Then the floor followed by appliances and then the backsplash. Will also have trim work to do around the doors and floor.

Every other room in the house is in a disarray.  The living room has the refrigerator and the new half bath vanity in it.  The bedrooms and upper basement have boxes of kitchen items.  We will go through all of the boxes before putting things back into the kitchen.  I have a feeling that there will be boxes and bags of things to donate to the sheltered workshop.  Probably many trips will be made before we are done with the house. 

I am hoping to get to the door tomorrow.  I still need to varnish it.  It has been on my to do list for a couple of weeks, but things come up.  If I don't do it soon then it will be too cold to do the outside before I know it.

In just over a month Fancy and Tater will be traveling to Florida with my friend and me.  4-5 days in Florida!!!  Baby will go with us too, to travel to her forever home.  Will miss that girl!  She is such a people dog. 

I wish the hot water or even the tub was hooked up in the barn.  While the construction is going on, I still have to bring the dogs to the house for grooming.  Good thing we have a full sized kitchen sink in our laundry room. 

Hell week for teachers is this next week.  Monday 8 am to 9 pm, Tuesday normal, Wednesday 8-9, Thursday normal, Friday OFF!  With 21 students I will have two full nights of conferences without any breaks.  NOT looking forward to this week at all.  It is also Anti Bullying week at school, so the kids will dress in different themes each day and they want the teachers to dress up too.  Monday is favorite team day. 


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