October 5, 2015

Trying to get caught back up at school after being gone last week.  I also need to miss half of Thursday to go for a bone scan and a mammogram. 

I have been looking for a new male for over a year.  One came to live here, but was not structurally what I wanted to breed.  In my search, I have found a couple of sisters that will be coming in the next month.  Hope they are as nice as their pictures!  I also have my eye on a boy, and hoping he remains as cute as he is now. 

Puppies still due in just over 2 weeks.  We will start puppy watch late this coming weekend. 

Our kitchen is not usable right now.  The only appliance that is still usable is the dishwasher and sink.  The refrigerator keeps things cold, but is not hooked up to water to make ice or cold filtered water.  We have used the microwave to make supper the last two nights.  Dave needs to get the old linoleum pulled up yet.  Hoping we really love everything we have picked out when everything is done!


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