Sept. 16

We got exciting news yesterday.  Our daughter is expecting our first grandbaby! 

I am also sad that all of the dogs are in the barn right now.  They have started on the house.  They have been working outside, so I had been procrastinating taking the dogs to the barn.  Today I got home to a new back door installed.  That had me scared about the safety of the furbabies while I am gone.  So I packed up everyone, toys, beds and chews and we went to the barn and got everyone settled in.  Now I pray that the construction gets done sooner instead of later.  Not only for our sanity of living in a torn apart house, but so the dogs can get back where they belong. 

School is going pretty smoothly.   My class will be gaining another student on Monday.  So very thankful that I have a wonderful para to support and help in my classroom.  There are days that I cannot even think straight.

I have been sick since I got my flu shot on Thursday.  Hoping all of my bloodwork comes back normal. I am scheduled for a bone scan in early October.  My ankles were x-rayed to see if any changes are going on and causing the pain.   Getting older is not much fun!

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