August 30, 2015

We did get the termites sprayed and baited yesterday.  Found some dead ant looking terimites? in the barn tonight.  Some were still kicking a bit too.

Went and bought dog food today and looked over home improvement things too.  Anxious about getting started (and done) with our remodel!!!

Tomorrow I work just a couple of hours and then go to Lincoln to see the retina specialist.  Worried about what he will say, but trying to be optimistic.  

Dana found out her Fossil store is not going to open until November 1.  This will give her more time to hire a strong team to work for her.  

Dad has it arranged for Dave and I to ride in at Kansas State football's Harley Day.  Dad and Dave rode in last year.  Probably more amazing from the stands than riding in.  I think Dana and Richard are going to the game that day too.

I need to decide what I am wearing tomorrow.  I have only worn dresses or skirts to school so far (except Friday"s jean day).  Don't know if I want to wear a dress to the doctor's though.

Everything is quiet with the dogs.  No puppies, no puppies due.  

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