August 28, 2015

Made it through the first whole week of school!  Celebrated this morning with a diet Dr.Pepper and a blueberry muffin.

Came home yesterday to a broken water pipe around the hydrant by the barn.  The night before I found termite tunnels inside the barn.  Hope the bad news does not come in threes!   Dave and I will spend part of tomorrow putting these tube things in the ground around the barn and house to bait the termites.  

Monday I am only working 1/4 day as I have an appointment with a retina specialist in Lincoln.  The vision in my right I has become hazy.  Prayers for good news are always welcome.

Bernice, my dog friend with Shiba Inus, is taking care of Tater and Baby.  This is a big help, as I don't seem to have time to keep 4 dogs in coat,take care of all other fur babies, teach, take care of the house, etc.  

I did get my computer back from my daughter!   The  school also gave each Preschool-4th grade teacher an iPad with a keyboard.  
I am hoping to get Tater's Wisconsin picture scanned and on the web page.

I am so far behind here, plus trying to plan ahead for the remodel construction.  Hoping to get things picked up tomorrow morning while Dave is still working.  

I am still so disappointed in not getting any Dreamer puppies, but so thankful that TeTe is okay.  Missing babies in the house!!  Fancy is still pretty playful since she is just a few months old.  Hopefully in a few months, God will bless us again with special babies.


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