June 29, 2015

Almost a month since I have posted!!!

Gotti is here and is a gorgeous boy with a great personality.  Was a barker at first, but settled down.  The trip to California and back in one day, made the next three days very unproductive.  I was SO tired!

Hopefully in a couple of months Dreamer will become a daddy for the first time!

Baby is in heat for the first time, but trying my best to keep her away from the boys.  This creates noise as she thinks she should be able to play with everyone!  That girl is NOT happy being penned up. 

I have been working with the dogs for the upcoming shows.  I found out that  Dreamer has 10 points, so all he needs for his Certificate of Merit is 5 more points!!  I hope he has them by Eukanuba, because I would like to take Gotti and Fancy (formerly Sweetie).  I wish I had another girl beside Baby to show, as she does not act like she likes the whole thing.  She just does not have the personality for it, even though she is playful at home.  Her tail is up only for the first couple of minutes when we walk and practice standing.  She wants to lay down.  Hopefully with some tasty treats she will come around.  Dreamer of course is a pro at walking and standing.  He wants to go too fast some of the time though.  The pups are doing well.  They want to jump when they see the bait and not to stand.  I know they will get there though.   Both are walking on the leash well though.  The table still scares them a bit too.  Time to get the cans out for stacking practice.

Just got the new to us pickup truck tagged today.  The in-transit tag expires today and we just got the needed paperwork for the Kansas tag on Saturday.  I found a drop in bed liner and a tonneau cover on Craig's list.  The guy ended up giving me the bed liner for free and we paid less than half of new price for the bed cover.  Ready to travel to those shows!!

My friend, Bernice, and I went to Lincoln to thrift shop for show suits.  I found some REALLY nice things and did not spend $25 the whole day.  Now to decide what to take and what items I need to complete the outfits.  (more shopping! lol)

Find it hard to do some things with just my phone as my computer.  Hopefully can meet up with the kids to get it back soon. 

Killer is still looking for a forever home.  He only has one more puppy shot and then neutering left for his vet expenses in the next year.  He is an awesome boy and wants to be right with me all the time.  Do you suppose the summertime puppies get a bit more spoiled than the ones during the school year?  lol

Just a bit over a month until school starts up again.  TeTe/Dreamer pups due AFTER school starts.... darn it! 

We are starting to talk to contractors about remodeling the kitchen and bath, as well as siding the house and replacing the ceiling in the extra bedroom.  The cabinet maker says it will take at least 3 months to get the cabinets.  I guess the kitchen will be done last!   Hopefully they can get to the siding, bedroom and bathroom before that though!   It would be nice to have everything done by Thanksgiving and Christmas though.  


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