June 5

I have tried to blog a couple of times, but then the post gets lost before it gets posted.  I guess that comes with using my phone instead of a computer!   I loaned my computer out to my daughter, so I am now using my phone and my husband's tablet when he lets me!  lol.  I actually went to the school today to work on the computer, so thought I would blog before I left.

A lot has happened.  Dave had his hernia surgery.  Less than a week now for light duty. 
Leta and Laika are at the vets' office getting spayed.  I will pick them up on my way home in just a bit.  Darla was spayed and is in her new home already.  She now lives in Nebraska with Tate.  Leta will leave this fall to live in Florida with Pumpkin.  Laika will be going to Topeka to live with a family there that is new to Heaven Sent. 

No puppies due and no one in heat at the moment, so the summer will be a quiet one. 

Bella's puppies are ready to go, but I only have Killer left.  I am keeping Sweetie and Sassy went to live with the teacher friend that has Treasure. 

I will travel next Wednesday to pick up my new boy Gotti.  It will be a long day of airplane travel.  I was hoping to take him to a beginning puppy match soon, but his paperwork is not complete yet.  Hopefully it will be ready for me to show him in July, when I take Sweetie, Baby and Dreamer to a show.  I decided that Tater will stay home, because 4 is my limit.  I thought 2 boys and 2 girls would be nice too. 

Travel plans for December's Eukanuba are underway.  Airlines and hotel both booked.  I need to get a rental car yet for the time we are down there.  I will be taking 2 dogs, but don't know which ones yet.  I am hoping Dreamer will have the needed 15 points for a Certificate of Merit by then.  We will see. 

Killer is one cute boy.  I renamed him because every time I was around him he begs to play or be picked up.  I told him he was killing me!   Too bad he has too much black on a back legs, otherwise Dreamer might have a run for his money (they are 1/2 brothers, with Bella being their mom).  Anyway, Killer is going to make someone a WONDERFUL pet.  I need to get pictures updated, as the taped ear picture does not do him justice.  His ears have been up for a couple of weeks now.   I had better get busy!!  

Need to get going, so I can get the L girls from the vet, and maybe a bit of lunch (2:30 already!)

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