big weekend.  School ended Friday. Our Anniversary was yesterday. Bought a grooming tub today(used). And tomorrow  is Memorial Day. 

Robby has been spoken for and will leave in a couple of weeks.  I have been talking to a family about Laika.  I will pick up my own little Gotti right befor Robbie leaves. Sassy will probably go this next week to live with her family.  If you remember Treasure , then you know Sassy's "big" brother.  

Still looking for for a new to us vehicle.   

To to do list for this week.
call vet for shot and spay appointments then hopefully have a trip or two. 
go see my friend in Lawrence
bath tater, baby, and Dreamer. 
Eye doctor appt on Wednesday 
reschedule hair appointment that was cancelled because of Dave's surgery
plant some shrubs and flowers

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