May 14

Less than a week with this year's third grade.  LOTS to do before I can walk out the door for the summer though!

Darla is doing well after her surgery yesterday.  She will be leaving on Saturday.  I will meet her new mom in Lincoln.  She will get to travel with Renny, her puppy, to meet up with Renny's new owner.

Excited about Gotti, but still don't know when I get to go out to get him. 

I need to get vet appointments for the puppies and some of the adults for shots.  I think I will have the vet come out here.

Starting to plan for this year's Eukanuba.  I know it is kind of silly. 

Going to be a busy weekend.  Taking the two girls to Lincoln Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we have prospective new puppy parents coming in to meet the gang. 


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