May 13

I remember this day fondly as the day my first horse was born.  Of course I did not get him until he was 1.5 years old and he is now buried on our place.  Sam was every girl's dream!  He got me through many years and taught me so much.  He also taught my two kids and a few 4-Hers how to ride.  Happy Trails old friend!

This evening plans were made to get Darla and Renny to their new homes this weekend.  Darla was spayed today, so she is hiding a bit in the crates tonight. 

School gets out a week from tomorrow!  The end of the year is so close.  The meeting after school today was about year end paperwork. 

It was raining again this afternoon and evening.  Cooled off quickly. 

Monique's girls are going to be small.  They look like midget Biewers next to Bella's babies and there is just two week difference.  The little girls are getting playful and tails a waggin.  Bella's babies HAVE to get out to run and play every evening or we can hardly stand their complaining. 


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