May 6

One more day of school this week.  Still need to get everything ready for next week, but lesson plans are done.
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Tomorrow after school and work we are heading to Salina. 

Will fill up food dishes and waters before we leave.  Of course waters need to be filled almost every night, but I usually just put some food in and I will make sure food is filled. 

Raining with winds.  This causes water to pool on the kennel floor.  Not sure how it is getting in and wish I could figure it out.  The dog beds were wet, wet, wet so all frames have clean covers. 

Dreamer is due for another bath, but it may wait until Saturday.  There is a dog show this weekend in Topeka.  I almost entered the puppy match, but glad I did not now that Dave will not be doing much of anything.  

So I ordered a canopy with one side from eBay.  It came today and all that is there is the one side.  The seller said that his "guy" made a mistake when posting the auction and he does not have the canopy, only the side.  I can get this same exact side from Wal-Mart for $14.99 and I paid almost $60.  Needless to say, I am not happy at ALL.  I now need to try to find the time tomorrow to get it sent back for a refund.  What a total waste of time!  Just glad I will be able to get the purchase price back.  Still think it is wrong to advertise one thing and then send a different or partial thing. 


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