April 21

Received the sad news today that "Beauty" now called Smudge has passed.  She was the first full Biewer that I imported in 2006. (Rishona, was first German dog, but was a splitter).  Beauty came to me VERY small an with a broken tail.  I showed her and Rishona at a show in Oklahoma City (see show win page).  Beauty was not destined to stay with me, as she was so small.  I placed her in a home in Arkansas as a pet.  Later to discover that her new owner did not get her spayed and was trying to rehome her for 3 times what her adoption fee was.  I filled in Arkansas court to get Beauty back.  We settled out of court and I bought Beauty back.  I had her spayed and kept her for just a bit.  She was not the same girl that had left me. She then went to live in a wonderful home in California that understood her terrible past.  In the end Smudge was having difficulty breathing and fluid building up in her lungs. She refused to eat or take her medicine.  My little Beauty and Patty's Smudge is now waiting for all that loved her across the rainbow bridge.    (Beauty is the little girl pictured with the big red bow at the bottom of the first page) 

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