April 20, 2015

Alone in the motel room.  SO quiet!  I can't remember the last time I was by myself.  I hope Dave is getting along with the gang at home.  Is it crazy or sad to say I miss the fur gang?  Just a snuggle or nose bump or a beg to be picked up.  (I don't miss the accidents, spilled food, any other clean up duties)

I need to shave and tape ears when I get back home.  The 5 puppies' ears have not been shaved yet.    Before long it will be time to start taking them to the vet for shots.

Don't know what to think about the dog flu that is going around.  Should I give extra vaccinations, even if they know they are not going to prevent it?  Best thing to do is try to keep hands away from the dogs.  We all know this is hard.  Judges at shows are supposed to be letting the owner/handler show teeth because of the flu. 


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