April 3, 2015

Day one at the show!  Everyone loved the Biewer Terrier.  We had many inquiries.  One lady told me she was the president of the Yorkshire Terrier club.  Later a friend old me that she also has the leading champion Yorkshire Terrier in the US.  This lady was glad to hear that we have proved that the Biewer Terrier is not a yorkie.  She noted the hair was not like a yorkies and was maybe more the texture of a Maltese. 

I took all three dogs in for their respective classes.  The each got first in their class (sadly they were also the only one in each of their classes). When it was time for breed,  I had help from friends to get everyone back in.  I took Baby, Bernice/Lonita took Dreamer, and Leslie took Tater.  Dreamer took BOB and Baby took BOS.  I took Dreamer in the group ring.  We did not place.  The judge was so nice to newbies.  Had a picture taken with Dreamer and Baby and I think they have good expression.  Hoping they are standing nicely.  It was hard to get both to cooperate at the same time. 

Tomorrow Tiny will leave me.  I may also get to see BeGe.  If BeGe comes before Tiny leaves then the littermates will all be together one last time! 

I am hoping that on Monday, I can get pictures of babies.   

Last night the power went out at the hotel at 11:30.  I was in the middle of trimming feet.  Did not get flat ironing done.  This morning the hotel was dark.  Not even the emergency lights were working.  The show was postponed for three hours because the venue did not have power either.  Lots of damage from hail and wind.  Car windows broken out, poles and trees down.  Parts of Wichita are still without power tonight!  We were so lucky to not have any damage to our vehicle.  Also glad my cell phone has a flashlight function. 

Looking forward to the fun match tomorrow night and meeting up with Heaven Sent families.

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